A cruise is a great way to get away from the day-to-day routine. You get a chance to enjoy the ocean breeze, explore a new place when the ship docks, and there’s plenty of different entertainment to enjoy. From movies, to concerts, gambling, swimming, and games, there is something for pretty much everyone on a cruise ship. And did I mention the food?

Cruise Vacation

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Because they feed you well on a cruise! While it’s been many years since I went on a cruise, here are some of my favorite hacks I’ve found online that will help modern travelers make their vacation as stress-free as possible.

Cruise Ship Tips and Secrets

Stairs Only
You should avoid elevators as much as possible. This is one I really wish I’d thought of back in the day, because you can burn those extra calories walking up and down the stairs.  Like I mentioned, they feed you well on a cruise, and it’s so easy for those pounds to pack on quickly. The holiday season teaches us that. If you know you’re susceptible to going overboard on vacation, this is the most important tip to use.

Of course, everyone’s different so this tip might not work for everyone—especially right after the meal is done. I suggest trying to find a little extra room for a couple of loose-fitting items in your luggage to wear when it’s time for the big meal. It will keep you feeling comfortable in the meantime.

Cruise Vacation

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Internet Age Problems
Back in the day, there wasn’t a world wide web to check your e-mail or social networks while away. At least, not widespread enough to be standard almost everywhere. We were still in the days of CDs and walkmans when I went on one! With this new age, there’s a whole host of new considerations that come with the travel bug. This is especially true for those of us who work online. Wi-fi can be costly on the sea.


My personal favorite tip is their suggestion to load the complementary sites to figure out just how fast the speed is at the moment. This is totally genius because a slow complimentary site means a slow experience anywhere on the net. This isn’t just a money saver. It also saves stress! Who needs the hassle of fighting an unresponsive connection while you’re supposed to be having fun?

Photograph your documents
This isn’t really specific to today, but our cells phones definitely make documentation easier! Photograph the important docs, luggage, etc. in case of problems. They have some other great tips as well, but I found this one of the most important. Again, the point of a vacation is to avoid stress, so why not take a few steps to make things easier on you in case accidents happen?

Create Hanging Space
Head to home depot and get magnetic hooks. Rooms and cabins at a cruise are narrow and have limited space for your belongings. These hooks will help to hang everything you need. 

Cruise Vacation

No Fuss Accessorizing
Cruises mean dressing up, which also means jewelry. A great suggestion to keep your jewelry in place is using a straw to keep multiple necklaces from tangling. Seriously, those things are almost impossible to get separated if they’ve been put into a bag together. Just look for “9 Cruise Packing Hacks That Will Revolutionize the Way You Travel.” There are a couple of really awesome ideas there.

Best Cruise Hacks

  • Bring your own drink
  • Buy social media package to avoid fees
  • Ginger for sea sickness
  • Shop on the last day
  • Plan your port days beforehand

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