Lilikoi Organic Living

In recent years South Beach has grown their healthy and vegan spots but there is a restaurant in town that is blogger friendly, surf-chic, and tropical inspired. Lilikoi which means passion fruit in Hawaiian is a vegan restaurant that embraces the organic lifestyle where Tina and Manuel Torterola offer their fresh and healthy dishes.

The young couple met in Maui and have served their farm-to-table experience for two years. At 16 years old, Manuel Torterola moved to Maui with his family so his dad could train for the Ironman competition in Kona. Later on the couple met and shared their passion for cooking and all things healthy.


Lilikoi offers a peaceful environment with all the aloha vibes you could get. You could also bring your furry friends as they offer a pet friendly environment indoors and outdoors. They also provide doggie bowls and people order side dishes for their pets while they enjoy their meal.

Talking about dishes, Lilikoi offers off menu specials from time to time and they partner with local farmers to incorporate new creations into their dishes. Tina recommend dishes that include salmon or tuna as they receive the whole fish in house. They offer a house smoked salmon which is smoked using mahogany and European almond bark. "We are also cooking with a leaf called Bettle - you will find this in our Grilled fresh catch and our Fresh Catch BLT - the bettle leaf when cooked takes on the flavor of bacon - giving it a meaty component but while cutting out the pork. As a side dish we offer “Gobbo chips” instead of potato chips. This is a burdock root we peel much like you would a carrot and fry it in coconut oil for a satisfying salty crunch but while incorporating health benefits such as blood circulator, anti inflammatory and packed for antioxidants." Says Tina. 

South Beach Vegan Restaurant

Tina and her partner are committed to prepare meals with the freshest ingredients that are locally and organically sourced. Lilikoi is committed to provide food and nutrition that support a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable way to live.


They carefully evaluate each and every product they use, keeping processed ingredients, unnecessary sugar and genetically modified organisms out of their dishes. "We are passionate about great tasting healthy meals and the pleasure of sharing it with those around us. We thrive on excellence and genuine hospitality." 


Whether you have a dietary restriction or not, Lilikoi's menu has vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. Their vegan gluten free banana bread is to die for and their bread is made in house using organic stone ground sprouted whole wheat. It feels like you are in someone's house waiting to be surprised at the table.

Lilikoi Organic Living

Believe it or not, celebrities frequent Lilikoi and they are under-covered. Who knows? You might share a coconut while sitting in the bar next to Rihanna. Or if you are planning a larger party, check their catering menu. 

Farm to Table Cuisine

Lilikoi sources from local farmers and one of their farmers is Debra a local forager who owns the Garden Network. Debra connects Tina and Manuel with local farmers and businesses and makes it possible for them to use so many from all over. To name a few of the local farmers/farms Lilikoi supports - Harpke Family Farms , Possum Trot , Muni Farms, Miguel Bode , Cool Runnings, Mr Green Dean, Green Garden Organics, Paradise Farms, Orchard Pond Organics, Fullei Fresh.

Vegan Food

Best Vegan Dishes

Best Vegan Dishes

This is definitely a place to gather your boss babe club and build on positive vibes while eating their most amazing dishes. If you ask us we recommend their Hawaiian style Poke, Probiotic Bowl, mushroom farro risotto, buckwheat ramen noodle soup and a shrimp coconut curry bowl that has become very popular!

Passion Fruit

Lilikoi offers brunch all day whenever you need to grab something quick or get your caffeine fix. Their daily happy hour is from 3pm to 6 pm. If you haven't been to this restaurant yet this is your time to plan your next party with your family or friends. 

Lilikoi Organic Living

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