When it comes to swimwear, too many of us toss our prized swimsuits into the laundry basket or washing machine. If you want to get the best wear for your money, you've got to care for your swimsuit the right way. Quality swimsuits are an expensive article of clothing to buy. If you want to get the most out of your swimsuit and prolong its life as long as possible, you need to care for it the right way. Swim suits are subjected to a lot of harsh elements such as sun, sand, chemicals from pools, lotions and sunscreens as well as various air and water temperatures. If you want to protect your swim suit, use the following pro techniques.

1) Wash Your Swimsuit in the Sink

It may seem easy to just toss your suit in the washing machine and dryer but it will ruin the integrity of the suit. High temperatures and the stretching can cause the fibers of your favorite swimsuit to break down, causing it to become saggy and eventually altering the quality of the fit. If you don't want to be forced to retire your favorite swimsuit before you're ready, you need to hand wash your bathing suit in the sink with cold water. Even on delicate cycles, the harsh chemicals from excessive amounts of laundry detergent and the tumbling in the washing machine will wear out the delicate fabric of the swim suit.

2) Only Use Detergent after the Third Wash

Laundry detergents are far much too harsh for use on most spandex swimwear and will eventually cause the color of your beloved swimsuit to fade, especially brighter colors. Even the tiniest bit of detergent can lead to color fading. And another thing: Never use bleach on white bathing suits, it's a death sentence for the delicate material! Instead, use mild hand soap that doesn’t have added moisturizers.

 Your swim suit doesn’t need to be washed with detergent each time you use it. Just Rinsing the swim suit in the sink is enough to clean it but you will want to occasionally use a mild detergent. Use a very small amount, a tablespoon or less in a full sink of water. Mix the water and detergent together before putting the swim suit in for washing. 

3) Do Not Wring Your Swim Suit

Never wring a swimsuit out because it can easily damage the delicate fibers and cause the suit to lose its shape. Squeezing and wringing out a bathing suit will put unnecessary wear and tear on the fabric, eventually compromising the shape and affect the coloring or pattern if you twist too hard. It’s best to gently remove excess water with a tight squeeze and then lay the suit flat to dry. 

Another option if you're tight on time would be to lay your swimsuit flat between two dry towels, roll the towels up, and gently press the towels so they absorb the excess water. After you're sure the excess water has been removed, lay flat to dry.

4) Never Use the Dryer on Your Swimsuit

You do not want to ever put your suit in the dryer. The dryer can cause irreversible damage on your swimsuit, even more than a washing machine.  If your suit is damp, its best to choose another swim suit for the day. Putting a swim suit in the dryer can affects its color, size and shape so its best left to air dry. The basket dryers available at some swimming pools may also damage suits through excessive agitation and wringing, it's really best to just let your swimsuit air dry. 

Swimsuits should be completely dry before storing. However if you're on the go and you absolutely must pack your swimsuit while it's wet, place it inside a plastic bag with holes poked in it, and wrap it with a towel in order to catch any excess moisture. You'd be shocked at how quickly mildew can grow when in a dark and wet environment.

5) Wash You Suit Every Time You Wear It

Letting any of the harsh chemicals set in, or leaving salt and sand on your swim suit can fade the color and cause the material to deteriorate. You must wash your swim suit as soon as you are done using it to protect the fabric. Once you’ve let the chemicals set it, is difficult to remove the discoloration. If the material starts to soften or fray, your suit is irreparable.

It’s easy to prolong the life of your swim suit with the proper care. Just follow these simple washing tips and you can keep your swim suit looking new for as long as possible. Your swim suit is exposed to many things that can affect its shape, color and size so taking care in washing is important to retain the integrity of the suit.

6) Give it a Break

Women’s swimwear is typically made from spandex or a spandex blend fabric, but did you know that spandex is actually a memory fabric? This means when it gets stretched out it goes back to it’s original shape. This also means that if you wear it too often on consecutive days, it may never revert to its original shape.  Make sure that you give your favorite bathing suits a break, or you'll soon be retiring them for good.  It usually takes about a day for a swim piece to get back to its normal condition. Alternating between suits will allow them to breathe and return to their original shape. Besides, you probably have a bunch of beautiful designer women’s swimwear in your wardrobe just waiting to be worn! 

Do's and Dont's



  • Wash your swimsuit in the sink.
  • Use detergent every 3rd wash.
  • Use a mild soap with no moisturizers as a detergent
  • Lay flat to dry
  • Alternate swimsuits to allow fabric to rest
  • Wash your swimsuit every time you wear it


  • Wash put in washing machine
  • Hang to dry, as that can stretch the fabric
  • Wait too long to rinse your swimsuit after wear
  • Store in a wet place with no ventilation (you WILL get mildew)
  • Wring your swimsuit to get rid of excess water
  • Put your swimwear in the dryer