Did you ever browse a blogger’s Instagram feed and wondered how he/she makes her pictures look like they’re straight from a fashion magazine? Yes? Then you’re in the right place! In this day and age, taking the perfect Instagram photo is really important.

By implementing some of these methods such as the right app, angles and borders, you too can take the perfect Instagram shot. 

So here are a few tips you need to know to nail a stylish perfect shot!

Instagram Feed Tips

Instagram Picture Tips

Camera basics

Whether in portrait or landscape mode, holding your phone as flat as possible helps you get the great shoot you want. You can also try matching the height of the subject, such as lying on the ground to snap a picture of your new favourite shoes! Straighten your shot by holding your phone as straight as possible. Yes, it sounds obvious but you’d be surprised. When you’re taking photos of objects that exist in straight lines, if it’s at a funny angle, the photo looks awful and amateur.

Another way to quickly improve your photo skills is to turn on the camera’s gridlines; your viewfinder will be divided into 9 even squares, based on the so-called “Rule of Thirds”. Sounds too complex? Don’t worry, it’s actually much easier than you think. The photography theory suggests that if you place the important elements of an image along the lines or intersections, you’ll end up with more balanced and interesting pictures. Why not give it a go!


Instagram Photo Ideas

    Decide on the style and composition of your photo: (i) top down, (ii) 45 degree angle or (iii) super close up. Play around with negative space (the area in between and around objects) and use symmetry or the rule of thirds to structure and balance your images.

    To balance or not to balance

    If you place an object off center (as you would using the Rule of Thirds), the rest of the picture will obviously stay empty. Try and fill the space with other elements for a more balanced picture.

    Choose an appropriate background

    Make sure the main element of the picture doesn’t get lost due to a distracting background. Unless you’re doing a feet selfie on a beautiful floor, it might be better to have a simple and basic backdrop that makes your subject stand out. Marble and wooden tables are a crowd favourite!

    Keep it Bright

      Thе best Instagram рiсturеѕ аrе taken indoors with grеаt nаturаl light оr оutѕidе in daylight. Natural light provides the best clarity and colors, making your image sharp and crisp. Light frоm thе ѕidе makes your subject look more thrее-dimеnѕiоnаl, highlightѕ texture аnd сrеаtеѕ a mооdу effect; subjects lit from the back look dreamy and glowy; and light from the front is the most flattering.

      You might have the most incredible oversize jacket or yummiest breakfast smoothie, but without the right lighting your photo will be far less great. Whether you like playing with shades, backlight or direct sun, there is one type of light that rules above all others – the Golden Light.

      Edit lightly

        Whether you’ve managed to find the perfect light or not, editing is the final crucial step. Instagram’s built-in filters can reduce the quality of the photo rather than enhancing it, so you can edit with an app called VSCO which gives you great control. Always avoid flash - on a phone it always creates an artificial look. Most importantly, don't take it too seriously. Instagram is meant to be fun - if you spend too much time thinking about it your feed will end up forced and generic.

        Using too many filters will make your #ThrowbackThursday looks more 1900s than 2010s, and turn your selfie into a comic cartoon.

        But that isn’t to say snaps need to go unedited; it just requires a bit more effort than you think. There is brightness involved, contrast levels to be played with, and colour saturation to adjust.

         Instagram Tips

        Most of all, it's important to remember that Instagram photos are fun and for the most part, effortless. Don't take yourself too seriously when trying to take the perfect shoot, and remember - if at first you don't like any of the instagram photos you've taken, you can always try again and again!

        So what are you waiting for?

        Pick up your phone immediately as you’re now more than ready to share that new maxi coat with the world!

        Best Apps for Instagram Feed

        • Snapseed
        • VSCO
        • Color Story
        • Hyperlapse
        • Afterlight
        • Facetune