Miami is a city of fun, sun, and fantastic beaches. It exudes an aura of all things sexy, exciting and out there. Since it is also a major tourist destination, visiting Miami as an outsider usually means seeing all the usual tourist attractions that everyone else with their giant cameras see. Boring! Who wants to follow the crowd in a city as hip and happening as Miami when you can skip the tourist traps and go right for the good stuff? Do it like the locals instead.

Miami Beach

Shopping in Miami

First things first, ditch the bland threads. Buying expensive clothes mean a lot less than looking good and looking good doesn’t have to come at a high price. You will be surprised at the amazing styles and brands you will find at boutique shops like Golden Bar and  Mimo Market. If boutique shops really aren’t your thing, though, there are great alternatives such as Miami Twice, Base Superstore and C. Madeleine’s. Remember, vintage is the new thing.

Next, you’ll want to make sure anyone who is anyone can see that you have an intellectual side. Stop by Books & Books in Coral Gables to pick up a few paperbacks and peruse the local literary talent. Coconut Grove also boasts a great bookshop or two and is rife with the kind of Caribbean flavor you won’t find just anywhere else.

Things to Do in Miami

Travelling alone or with someone special? Maybe your idea of a hot date is a visit to WEAM, the World Erotic Art Museum, for something a little kinky, a little weird and a very much out of the ordinary. Too racy or have the young ones with you? Be swept away to the world of wonder that is Cauley Square. This whimsical and old-timey combination of shops, with a tea room, restaurant, and a Village Chalet can make any adult feel as though they have walked into a fairy-tale for modern people. We also recommend visiting Knaus Berry Farm and go strawberry picking. You will be surprised by their classic cinnamon rolls. For more details read our recent article on "Celebrate Strawberry Season with These Healthy Recipes".

Best Pizza in Miami

They say a city can be judged by its pizza joints. A search on Google will land you with a list of the best pizzas in Miami. Our favorite is Ironside Pizza for its wide variety, Italian vibes and gluten-free options. Peckish or famished, this is the place to get your pizza fix. Fast food is great comfort food, but for something more socially sustaining, there are a great many restaurants to choose from where you won’t run into anyone who came in on the plane.

best pizza in Miami

Places to Visit in Miami

The historic Biltmore Hotel is an extravagant monstrosity of 1920’s architecture with a calypso kind of flair and 18-hole golf course. You will find incredible restaurants with ocean view. Equally elegant but more down to earth, Schnebly’s Winery offers a romantic escape and barrels-full of unique wines that won’t remind you of home at all. 

Girl in Miami Beach

Going to the beach when visiting Miami is mandatory. Gorgeous people on beautiful white sands create a flawless replica of paradise. South Beach can be a little crowded and sometimes overpacked depending on the time of year. If you want a more relaxed vibe we suggest visiting the shops by Sunset Harbour. Head to Dreamer for an acai bowl and for a tropical-infused vibe. Head in the opposite direction and you’ll find North Beach. Less crowded, great waves, amazing view. Perfect.

When visiting Miami, form your own itinerary that doesn’t include the usual haunts. This is the only way to experience the city in all its colors.

Outfits for Miami Vacation

Discover our latest swimwear styles that will make you feel like a beach goddess during your trip.

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