Finding the Perfect Swimsuit for your Body Type

We’re going to give a few tips on finding the perfect suit and give a few suggestions that should fit most tastes.

You’re likely choosing this suit for some fun on the beach or at the pool, whether you’re staying home or traveling. What’s the point in that if you’re not feeling your best when you’re out and about? That’s why the most important thing in picking a swimsuit that’s comfortable, both physically and emotionally.

Let’s face it: We all have those areas we don’t feel so good about. It’s natural and normal. Whether you’ve decided to just go with it, or make some effort toward changing your appearance through diet or exercise (by the way… we have lots of fitness influencers discussed here if you’re looking for inspiration), you still have to be happy with yourself in the now. That’s why it’s important to pick a suit that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

That means making sure it doesn’t feel too tight on you, the material isn’t bothering you, etc. You’ll also want to make sure that you like how you look in it. It’s about being honest with yourself and how you feel.

Choose Swimsuit Sets that Enhance Both your Top and Bottom.

white thong bikini set


Part of feeling and looking good is being true to yourself and your own style. Don’t force yourself into a suit that you’re not comfortable in or don’t like, simply because it’s the latest design. Don’t worry about what colors or cuts are “in” right now, just go with the ones you’re feeling. Love bright colors and patterns? Go for it! Feel better in something with more neutral tones? Then rock it and feel good about it! Express your sporty side, find one that makes you feels sexy, or get one that gives you a touch of class and elegance. Whatever feels good.

There are plenty of suits here that will fit a lot of tastes and styles, and are available in plenty of sizes that will make sure you have a comfortable fit.
If you’re more comfortable with a one piece suit and love something a little funky, there’s the Estivo Pink Ruffled One Piece, a fun, cute creation that’s perfect for a day out at the pool.

Vintage Style Swimsuits

lolli swim bliss one piece


For people who love a more old-fashioned style (think ‘50s/’60s glamour), the Estive Pink Skies Drapped One Piece is a fun, colorful take on a classic cut that is sure to be a unique choice.

If you’re feeling daring and confident, you might want to check out the Keva j Barely There String Bikini. It’s a daring look that will be fun to show off at the beach. If you’re into a more sporty style, the brand also makes the Entice Mesh Halter Bikini.

Finally, if you’re looking for a one piece or bikini that’s versatile and can fit different moods, Luli Fama and Agua Bendita have a variety of reversible suits that are colorful, bold, and fun. For example, there’s the Inked Babe Fishtail Mesh, and the Leo. All available here for an easy, convenient shopping experience.

Luli fama triangle bikini set