YouTube Star

Many people have already been exposed in YouTube. Some of these people have seriously developed a career. The names Justin Bieber and Charice are just among the most famous people now who have gained popularity through YouTube. If you think you've got what it takes to make it big in YouTube, then you must know how to market yourself. Increasing your views and video network is vital.

How to Become YouTube Famous

1. Grow your Audience and Build Your Network

Many people create viral videos unintentionally, but there are some who badly want to become famous in YouTube. It is recommended for you to just make the videos that you are good at. Before you publish, pre check your video for good quality, spelling mistakes and correct information is provided in the video. After the submission of your video in YouTube it will be searchable by the viewers based on the tags titles, and keywords used. YouTube follows a ranking system based on the number of views for displaying search results and in the home page. The more the number of views your video have, the higher percentage of your video being on the top most viewed page of YouTube.


Then, it is quite important for you to build your network. You should make a conscious effort into making your presence felt in YouTube. You will need to go to the videos that are related to yours, watch and comment those videos and ask the people there to watch your videos. You can make some YouTube friends who will return the favor to you.

2. Build a YouTube channel

If you have a YouTube channel, you have a place where you can promote yourself. This can turn you into a star and you will gain a steady fan base here. Make sure that the tags that you write will help the YouTube searchers to view your channels. It is wise to make your channel appealing.You must also update your channel as often as you can so that your fans will be visiting your channel often, since they will be given updates in their respective emails.


Remember to create the video with good quality and clear message. The video should be something very attractive that grasps the viewer's attention and pushes them till the end of the video. See that your video is neither too long nor too short

3. Improve the optimization of your YouTube channel

You should know a bit of search engine optimization for this one. In the case of your YouTube videos, they must be visible in the YouTube search engines for them to be viewed by any person who is surfing YouTube. A simple way to optimize your video is to choose the right words in writing your tags and descriptions that will match what your fans search. This will garner more viewership.

 How to Optimize YouTube Videos for SEO:

  • Optimize your title and include keywords for the video you want to rank
  • Use popular tags
  • Create a full description for the video
  • Use a closed caption or upload a transcript


4. Consistency and split testing    

Split testing is when you compare the performance of your videos, to check and see which video is increasing in views. This will ultimately test capability of how well your doing on YouTube and how many people are subscribing to your channel.

How To Become a Youtube star

You also need to be consistent about your videos. Set goals for yourself and make a note about your videos; correct the mistakes in your previous videos and work towards achieving your set goals. If your goal is to make one video every week, four videos every month or one video every month, then that is what you should have to do. You should always be consistent on how you submit your videos on YouTube.

It is a good idea to create more videos to increase the chance of someone watching them. Having more videos will sure build your presence on YouTube and more chance of subscriptions.

5. Get to know other YouTube stars

You need to become friends with the other YouTubers who are already popular since they can give you tips on how to be a YouTube sensation yourself. You need to befriend them and make nice comments in their videos. When you have a good relationship with them, they will readily offer their advice to you.

How to Become a YouTube Star

6. Adhere to YouTube rules

Nobody is above the law. This may be cliché, but once you fail to follow the rules that YouTube has set, you might end up as the loser. You might end up being suspended and banned from uploading any videos. Your account will be taken down by YouTube. The biggest issue in YouTube is about the copyright violations. So play it clean for you to be treated fairly.


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