Meet #FrankiesGirl Hannah Rathbun

Hannah Rathbun of “MTV are you the one” is this month’s FrankiesGirl. With her lover Zak Longo, they were engrossed by the show and a prize of $50K was later won by her. They are now making funny videos on instagram and youtube after they had left the show. The following is an exclusive interview with Hannah that would allow you to know more about her.

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Name: Hannah Rathbun

Location: Los Angeles

Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Use just 3 words to qualify yourself: Insightful, adventuresome and loving

What’s Your favourite Frankies Swimsuit? My favourite Frankies Swimsuit is the Lilah. It is absolutely cool to have on.

What destination would you like to wear Frankies bikini to? 
Thailand is actually top of my list right now. I would definitely visit the place in 2017

What do you need for a beach trip? My coco oil SPF, a large blanket, speakers, and definitely my boyfriend (for the romance and the pictures *winks*)

Describe your style: I like to be dynamic and flexible. I could dress up as a Chanel from scream Queens or I could just wear a grungy look.

Tell us about how you got into MTV’s ‘Are You The One?' I sent my pics after an advert on how to apply came up while watching season 2. I was contacted the following day by MTV.

Can you share your experience while filming ‘Are You The One?' The filming was very demanding. I added about 15 pounds due to lack of exercise and proper monitoring of my body.

What prompted you to feature on the show? I wanted to try something new and explore something different… MTV show is the best for such adventure. I got to move to Hawaii and shoot show in a completely different environment. I was also looking forward to a successful relationship unlike the ones I was experiencing back then in Syracuse.

Was there a time you thought you would find a romantic relationship on the show?That was the surprising and the most amusing part of the show because I never thought I would find anyone I could share a romantic relationship with.

What do you and your boyfriend Zak Longo do together on spare time after meeting on MTV’s ‘Are You The One?’
We actually go on a drive for 45 minutes to a place I get my ice cream. It is even more interesting because he is lactose intolerant and he does it for me (my idol). We sit no pants on a couch while watching the full seasons of different shows….. He is more than just a Boyfriend.

You feature in your boyfriend’s comedic videos. Which video do you like the most? Do you find acting to be fun? “When bae posts a sexy pic on insta so you police that sh*t” is my favourite. You can see in the video that he tries to chase off bad guys from my instagram pic, the video shows how cute he can be when he is slightly protective. It didn’t occur to me in the first place that I was acting until people started telling me that I am becoming a better actor. I enjoy doing what he likes and also likes being naughty with him.

What is that thing that your boyfriend did that you can’t just smiling about? He told me to put on big sticks on my eyebrow for a video some weeks back. I actually didn’t take it lightly at first but it was something to laugh about with big sticks hanging on my eyebrows LOL.

What’s your best ‘90s jam? “How Bizarre” by OMC

How do you still maintain your beach posture? I can’t really say how because I don’t think I know myself. I eat healthy meals during the day and just salmon at night which has made me lose the pounds I gained during the show.

What are your beauty essentials? A good highlighter, Too Faced bronzer and a very good moisturizer.

What is that one thing you are most thankful for this year? I am very grateful to share my bed with the man of my heart and also to have a loving healthy family by my side.

What next? I am still new to social media following, so making my social media presence felt is what I want to look into now.

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