Last Wednesday, we asked you "How do you #BikiniLuxe every day?"

Are you on your phone or computer? Is it morning, afternoon, or night?

We asked our readers to send a picture of where they were, right then and there. Here are a few that we received.

customer photos bikini luxe

Since you’re all absolutely incredible, we ended up getting close to 1,000 pictures from all over the world. It was a truly humbling experience for us to see all of your beautiful faces. 🙏

more bikini luxe customer photos

Anyway, we picked about 50 of your photos and put them into this blog post for you to check out. The Bikini Luxe Fam is incredibly global, diverse, and ridiculously good looking!

BikiniLuxe customer photo review

On top of that... 🎁🎁🎁

Be sure to check your email if you responded for a little gift from us! 

Kim Jackson customer

A gorgeous beach collage by Kim Jackson


Greetings from Greece customer

Greetings and warmest thoughts from Greece! - Sophia K.

Kate Li customer photo

Kate Li in our gorgeous Floral Frankies Bikinis, you can follow her on Insta: @kkateli

Jordan Weaver bikini luxe

Jordan W looking amazing in this floral picture, isn't she just a doll! <3

Cynthia relaxing on a boat!

Cynthia L, Relaxing on a boat,  I'm from Minnesota so is getting chilly here! 

Lisa C customer photo

Lovely Lisa C is just chilling and says "Whats Up Bikini Luxe" 😉

Jennifer K customer photo

This was one of our favorites! Jennifer K is getting ready for Halloween with her thinking pumpkin on. 

shreya tewani bikiniluxe customer

Shreya T looking lovely in this Little Black Bikini (yes every girl needs one!)

Mari Obstbaum in Montce Swimwear

Mari O snapped a quick pick and is looking absolutely lovely in our Montce Swimwear! Check out her insta: @marijuliette


Kimberly C our to go mom!

Kimberley B, Executive Producer of www.TheGoToMom.TV is looking stunning as always! you can check her out on Insta: @TheGoToMom


Kelly Nurse from Nevada customer pic

Kyli T looking amazing, "It's 3am here in Las Vegas Nevada. I'm a nurse in the Air Force. I love your website and always only look at yours for Bikinis."

 Eddie C customer photo

Our very own Eddie C. looking very suave and getting ready for a night on the town.


customer Stephanie S

Stephanie S is just checking out the surf! This beach babe from California takes amazing pictures, be sure to follow her on her Instagram: @stephanieschechter

 Hugh C customer photo with daughter

Checking in from Australia, Hugh C and his beautiful daughter dropped a quick message to say hello to everyone.

Melissa & Bella customer photo review

Melissa D. "Right now, my sweet pup Bella and I are waiting in the parking lot outside of her obedience class.  A strange time to be thinking about Bikini Luxe?  Not at all!  As far as I'm concerned, it's a #BikiniLuxe time of day no matter what I'm doing!❤️ from your #1 fans in Baltimore.

(If this isn't the cutest dog we have ever seen!) Thank you Melissa!

customer photo

Mechelle, checked in with us from the Philippines

 "I usually am checking out your posts during my night (your day) while I am working on my laptop in my home office. I can't sport any items from you yet as I just had a baby two weeks ago and my stitches from my CS are still healing." 

Doesn't she look amazing? Can you believe she had a baby two weeks ago! Congratulations Mechelle!

 Kathy L customer photo

Kathy L happened to be driving while she got our newsletter, we love the hat Kathy very stylish!

Mark O customer photo

We also caught Mark O. while he was driving, just where exactly are you Mark? looks like some interesting fields in the background. (check out the sunset in his sunglasses!)

 Petra P customer photo

Petra P blew our mind with this picture! Petra where are you? The view looks stunning.

 customer photo hailey

Hailey E. Looks like she is having waaaay too much fun without us!

Tawny R customer picture

Tawny R showing off her Brazilian bikini bottom!

Lindsey Weigand bikini competition

Lindsey W. Wow, Congratulations on your competition. You are looking fly!

Nicole Durham customer bikini luxe review photo

Ah we feel your pain Nicole D. Still at the office, but at least you have some wine to pass the time. 😉

customer photo Alex C

Alex C. "Rocking my Bikini Luxe!!! But unfortunately I'll be an office all day for the rest of the week. Wish I could always be rocking Bikini Luxe"

You look stunning in that Montce Swim Alex!

Sara w customer bikiniluxe photo

Sarah W: "Where I am right now! Drinking wine and about to watch the presidential debate from my couch :) #bikiniluxe

Maria Nemethy customer photo review #bikiniluxe

Maria N - You know we love cupcakes! What a tease.

Sacha Guigon customer review photos

Sacha G is on duty right now, working hard or was that hardly working?

 Rebecca Hallow customer

What a cute selfie Rebecca H, love the shirt!

Jasmin Ramirez customer photo @bikiniluxe

We are really digging that hat Jasmin R.

Rebekah Abraham customer photo bikiniluxe

Rebekah Abraham joined us with a sparkle!

customer building tiny house natalia

Natalia T checked in with her latest project. "I'm building a tiny house. This is me working on the wiring."

Amira C customer photo

Looking amazing in that two piece bikini set Amira C

Mister Scott customer photo

Scott M. just checking in from the jungle to say "Hello"

Al John customer photo

Al J. sent us this gorgeous sunset picture. "Enjoying my city view Albuquerque NM walking the bosque...."

Mike U customer photo

Mike U. checked in from home.. multi tasking apparently. Lol


Kim J customer review

"Besides, being connected to you Candice, on linkedin...I am in Pompano Beach, right on the is a shot of me going for a swim the night before hurricane Matthew hit south Florida...and a shot south towards Fort Lauderdale and Miami! =)  Getting ready to head to London and Nottingham, UK on my book tour next week~don't think it's bikini weather there! xoxo"

Hey Kim you are looking fab! - Candice


Customer reviews bikini luxe

Rob Z was enjoying a magical sunset (Where is this Rob?)

Zak M customer photos

Mr Zak M. Looking very agent bond in a night out on the town. "I don't wear bikinis but I have many friends that do! "

Serina M customer review picture

Serina M is living it up, look at this teal blue water. Gorgeous

 customer photos biku

Biku: "Hello!!  it's noon and I'm going to my university :) 

 Jason K from Wearable heat

Jason K from Wearable Heat invited us to check out the hot springs in Jackson. 

We love what you guys are all doing, thank you for taking the time to respond and send us your pictures!


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