Dreamer Juice is Every Fashion Bloggers Heaven

Things to do in Miami Beach


What to do in Miami Beach

I recommend doing all the fun healthy things the locals do on a daily basis, like drink fresh juices, eat acai bowls, and take ginger shots to ward off the hangover of the century. One of my favorite hang outs in South Beach is every bloggers paradise; it's mostly pink with splashes of greenery and cute flamingos everywhere.

My first time there was on a rainy day, which actually worked out to my benefit because it was easy to find parking, and also the Miami juice bar wasn't too busy. Ironically, I had the best welcoming ever because a little puppy ran up to me to give me kisses the moment I opened the door.

If you're not aware, most of Miami Beach is dog friendly. You'll see people walking and carrying them all over the place (even Wholefoods has to post a sign stating that only service dogs are allowed) because you better bet that if someone has a dog, they're bringing them outside with them.

Healthy Places to Eat in Miami

So, after this warm welcome I took a look at the menu and decided on an Acai Bowl. I had already eaten a not too long before, so I got the Survivor Bowl which is comprised of the following: Acai, strawberry, hemp protein, peanut butter and hemp milk. Bee pollen. Toppings include strawberry, banana, goji berries, coconut flakes and raw almonds.  

I took a seat, and just my luck the puppy came over again to play. Don't be upset if there's no puppy when you visit, because there's plenty more to see. An abundance of natural lighting graces the space, while a combination of pinks and green tones dresses up the cozy space. I did have to switch seats, as the only space available when I came in was in the corner, which was inches away from the radio and the music was far too loud from that table.


Best Miami Beach Juices


Miami Beach Juice Bars

When the couch opened up, I quickly moved and it was much more comfortable. A group of bloggers walked in they were less than thrilled that I had scored the coveted couch seat, where they undoubtedly wanted to post up to take selfies.

When my bowl was ready it was delivered to my table, and of course it was beautiful. As I wasn't too hungry, it was more than enough food for me. I am a sucker for shredded coconut, so I dug in immediately. I even started before snapping a picture of it --a major faux pas in the food blogging world-- but was able to salvage it.

Best Acai Bowl in Miami Beach

The Survivor Bowl was a good, standard Acai Bowl and satisfied my craving, but I would love to go back and try some of the other offerings to get a better feel of what they really have to offer.

Perhaps next time I will try the Smoked Salmon Sandwich, Islander Oatmeal Bowl, or Bubble Gum Bowl. They also have a range of fresh juices, smoothies, and even coffee so you can pretty much declare this should be your new favorite brunch in Miami Beach.



  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Nice tasting Acai Bowl
  • Friendly atmosphere


  • Helpful tip - parking can be tricky take an Uber


Is it Bikini Luxe Babe Approved?

Yes! So much yes, if you're just in town for a few days and you're looking to leave with some great pictures to remember, this place is perfect for that. It's great for catching up with a friend, getting a bit of work done, and even just popping into for a snack.