We love our home in the sunny city of Miami, Florida. Whether you're lucky enough to live in Miami or are just looking to visit Miami, this city has so much to offer from its exciting foods, to art districts , to beautiful beaches... Miami has it all. We could not imagine a more perfect place. If you live here, we know you're constantly looking for new places to explore and if your visiting we have the inside scoop on cool things to do. Here’s a list of 5 things we love to do in Miami.

Wynwood Walls

If you think of art in Miami, it’s hard not to think of street art. Miami is a vibrant city filled with young, up and coming trends, and the Wynwood Walls are a perfect example. Wynwood was once a warehouse district until 2009 when Tony Goldman decided to transform Wynwood to the huge graffiti street art display but also a center where people can shop, get a bite to eat, or go for drinks. You’ve probably seen thousands of pictures of these elaborate graffiti walls but in person Wynwood is breathtaking. It's impossible not to fall inlove with the laid back vibe of Wynwood. By day you can grab a a pressed juice or acai bowl at Jugo Fresh and bask in the sunshine while strolling through gorgeous art. If you're into shopping you are bound to find your new favorite boutique in Wynwood. Wynwood stays alive even when the sun goes down, by night you can hangout at taverns and brickhouse filled with cool art and amazing vibes.

Wynwood Walls- Things to do in Miami

Bodega Taqueria

Is it possible to turn down tacos? We don’t think so. Bodega Taqueria is one of the best Tacos spots in Miami. This cute little taco shop is has a unique taco truck interior. This taco shop is open till 5 AM making it the perfect place to get  a midnight snack. Not only are these tacos extremely delicious but the unique thing is that at Bodega there’s a secret bar. To get to this bar you have to go through a porta potty, doesn't sound too glamorous but think of it as the portal to Narnia. The hidden bar is a perfect place to hangout and grab drinks. After a long night of at the bar you’re gonna want to grab tacos at Bodega.

Bodega Taqueria

Tan Topless in South Beach

The iconic South Beach...South Beach is basically the face of Miami. Every year thousands of people travel thousands of miles to visit the famous South Beach. The super easily going vibe of South Beach allows you to lay back and relax. If you love tanning South Beach is the perfect spot, all over South Beach, you can tan topless with no worries, but there are some areas of South Beach where tanning topless is more prominent. So grab your towel, you tanning lotion and head over to south beach!

Tanning in south beach

Sunday Farmers Market

Sunday’s call for brunch and farmers markets. When you think of Lincoln road you probably think of a glamorous shopping strip, but there’s much more to Lincoln than just that. Every Sunday Lincoln turns into a  green market from 9 a.m to 6:30 p.m. This green market is the perfect place for you to take a sunday stroll while you stock up on produce for the week. You can buy everything from locally grown organic fruits and vegetables to bread and honey to ceviche and guacamole to fresh fruit smoothies at Lincoln Road's Farmer Market. Get your baskets ready, we hope to see you there next Sunday!

 Lincoln Road Farmers Market

Knaus Berry Farm

Knaus Berry Farm is an old fashioned strawberry farm that you absolutely have to visit. You’ll be able to pick some of the best tasting strawberries in South Florida. One of Knaus’s main attractions is their homemaid cinnabon, people line up for hours for these cinnabons. The cinnabons are so delicious that anyone who has ever had them knows they are worth the wait.  Once you try one of these cinnabons, you’ll be coming back for more.

Knaus Berry Farm Miami

What are you waiting for? Its time you take advantage of all the amazing things Miami has to offer!