Summer calls for sultry waves

As women we're constantly looking into different beauty products to help us look younger. Nothing says youthful like the beach. The beach is a place filled with youth, sunshine, and energy. So why not try and achieve the youthful beachy look? The first step is to have perfect beach hair. Beach hair is trending. We see it everywhere, in magazines, on models, and on the t.v, but why don't we see it at the beach? Due to rising summer temperatures, beaches naturally become our second home. That's why we're considered mermaids. Obviously, leaving the beach with effortless beach waves is a goal for every one of us. But sometimes the mermaid lifestyle isn't as glamorous as it would seem to be. We usually leave the beach with messy buns and sand all over the place. We found a beauty tip that will change your beach life in an instant.



How to Make Sea Salt Hairspray

Sea Salt Hair Spray
Beach hair is something we all fantasize about. Unfortunately, we can't spend everyday at the beach, basking  in the sun and enjoying  the water.  Even for those of us who do, sometimes getting out of the water and looking at ourselves in the mirror, doesn't always look the way we picture it. Here's a DIY for you beach bums to try. This product will give you the flawless and effortless beach waves all of us dreams of.  With beach waves like these everyone will be convinced mermaids are real.

There are no excuses to passing up this gorgeous summer look. It only takes three key ingredients to to create the ultimate mermaid potion. So beach bums, next time you're stuck inside on the perfect beach day you can still get those beach waves that you long for. Or when you go to the beach and your hair becomes a tangled salty mess instead of perfect waves, we got you covered. Beach hair has never been so easy.


How to Make Sea Salt Spray


Ingredients for the perfect sea salt spray

  • 1 cup ocean water 
  • 1/2 tablespoon coconut oil 
  • 1 tablespoon hair gel 
  • Shake together in a spray bottle 
  • Optional: Add vodka if you want to lighten your strands simultaneously 
Text your best friend and tell her you know what you will be doing this weekend, getting the perfect beach waves!