If you've ever felt like running away and exploring the world, you probably have also thought about how freaking awesome tree houses are. I'm on a major tree house kick today, and these photos have me wishing I were booking a flight to the  furthest jungle and climbing the ladder to one of these beautiful tree homes right now! Let's take a moment to appreciate these hidden gems for what they are - distant little escape pods in paradise. Someone needs to take one for the team and personally hunt down every single one of these gorgeous little hideaways and report back - pronto! 

Put Your Big Girl Bikini On - We're Going Exploring!

Luxury Life - Tree house

Bikini, Tanning Oil, Gps, CHECK!

luxury tree house - beach life

exotic tree houses - Luxury lifestyle

Exotic Tree houses - Luxury lifestyle

Luxurious Treehouse

exotic travel destination tree house


If you didn't just quit your job, pack your bags, and call your Bestie to prepare for the best girls trip ever than you're doing life wrong. At least put these cozy little vacation spots on your #BucketList.


exotic travel destination - luxury lifestyle


We don't know where they are, but something tells me you'll find them anyway. Remember - Adventure may be dangerous, but routine is lethal.