Valeria Orsini might not be a familiar name to you, but she should be. This multi-ethnic social media star has been making a huge impact online. She’s also using that big name to empower her followers to be healthier people and take control over their bodies. While she may be better known to some as a model, this 27-year-old star is more than just a face. She’s also a business woman with multiple brands.

Valeria Orsini Fitness

Let’s learn a little more about Valeria and why she is a must follow online.

Valeria Orsini’s Fitness

Valeria Orsini

She’s proud to say she was born in Atlanta, Georgia and has even done some Instagram posts talking about her home state. As a child, her family moved to the Sunshine State, where she grew up. She currently calls Miami home, and studied at Keiser, where she studied Occupational Therapy. Seems fitting for a girl that would soon become known as a fitness guru.

She’s bilingual, and has Columbian, Puerto Rican, and Italian ancestry, and got her start in modeling shortly after she graduated high school. From the way things have gone, it sounds like she made a great career move! She also loves to stay fit through Muay Thai.

Body by Orsini

Valeria’s modeling career may not be all she’s got going for her, but it’s definitely impressive. According to her bellazon profile, she’s done commercials, music videos, print ads, and more. The 5’9 model has even walked the runway. Some of the people and places she’s worked with include Latin Mix, Playboy, Trina, and Flo Rida. She’s been featured by Sports Illustrated, Fitness, and more.

With a 38-24-38, 103-pound, frame, she’s often asked about how she keeps fit. She shares these tips online, which has led to one of her business ventures: Body by Orsini. The brand is a slimming patch that is made of completely safe and natural ingredients that are designed to help people slim and tone their belly, waist, hips, and/or thighs while increasing energy. She developed a website, to sell the patch, and has included detailed information about what it’s made out of, and how it works.

Her other venture is This is a fashion line co-owned by Giselle Alonso that aims to inspire woman or all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels. They’re designed to help woman look their best while allowing them comfort and freedom of movement. The duo’s clothes are made of quality materials, and Valeria is on record as saying she won’t sell anything she does not personally love.

Workout with Valeria Orsini


Remember that Instagram account where she gives fitness tips? Well, @valeria_orsini has over four million followers that are benefiting from these tips. She also announced there that she also teaches, hosting a Strong by Zumba Masterclass in Hollywood, Florida that will make participants certified instructors. Besides announcement and tips, she shares inspirational quotes to help motivate her following.

Twitter: @Valeria_Orsini

Facebook: Valeria Orsini 

Age: 27

Birthday: January 19th


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