At 27 years old, Valeria Lipovetsky is already a successful model, blogger and holistic nutritionist. As a mother and a wife, she leads an active life but still makes the time to help those around her.

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Making the Transition From Model to Mogul

Despite being a model for fashionable stores such as Bloomingdale’s and Forever 21, Valeria longed for more out of her life and her career. Using social media helped her discover how passionate she is about beauty. So while she still takes on modeling work much of her time and energy are spent communicating with her fans and filming and editing videos for her YouTube channel.

Valeria expresses her passion for what she does through her self-named website and ModernFox Muse, her blog. Her blog covers topics such as style, nutrition and healthy living. The style section covers outfits and beauty. She shares photos of herself dressed for various events to help inspire her readers to create their own outfits. The beauty section of her blog includes product recommendations and current trends.

The nutrition section of the blog covers recipes, smoothies and wellness. The recipes include everything from side dishes to snacks to desserts. The smoothie section gives readers recipes that Valeria has tried and recommends. The wellness entries include weight loss tips, Valeria’s food diary and information about the dietary supplements she uses.

The living section of the blog covers travel, kids and home. The travel entries include photos from her many excursions as well as personal vacation photos of Valeria and her family. The kids section chronicles her pregnancies and candid shots of her two young sons. Valeria talks about them in detail so that her readers can get a glimpse into her life.



Valeria Lipovetsky IG

Valeria is active on social media and encourages her fans to take full advantage of this. Her Instagram page can be found @valerialipovetsky, where she has 208,000 followers. Her Twitter page can be found @VLipovetsky, where she has 1,524 followers. Her Facebook page can be found @valerialipovestkyblog, where she has 17,864 followers. Her YouTube channel can be found @Valeria Lipovetsky, which has 551,495 subscribers. Much of the videos on her channel are makeup tutorials though she also posts tips for modeling and shares with her viewers her typical daily diet. She even posts vlog entries where she talks about personal matters such as meeting her absent father now that she is an adult and a parent in her own right. Valeria also gives her viewers life advice, which she draws on her own experiences to make more personal. 

Valeria enjoys her various professional endeavors as much as she enjoys spending time with her family. Her honesty in her blog and vlog show her readers and viewers that she isn’t so different from them. Not afraid to share personal details, she uses her own life to inspire others. With a passion for helping people, Valeria embraces the work that she does and can serve as a role model for young women.

 Valeria Lipovetsky Wiki

  • Age: 27 years old
  • Nationality: Russian
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Birthday: September 19, 1990
  • Husband: Gary Lipovetsky


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