Valentina Vignali is a social media savvy athlete who has attracted an impressive social following. From modeling assignments to the basketball court, she handles herself with grace and a candid style that has helped her to attract followers all over the internet. Going from photo shoots to game day, she's definitely a wonder woman. For the uninitiated, let’s take a look at where she started, and where she is today.

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Starting young

According to her Italian Wikipedia page, this 26-year-old athlete, born in May, got her start in basketball as a child. She’s listed as being part of two childhood basketball clubs, including Happy Basket Rimini, which she played for until she was around thirteen.

Most recently, she’s played for ASD Murgia Basketball Santeramo, a switch that is listed as happening last February. Her role on the team is as a Wing.

Her Instagram is filled with shots of her playing and talking about how much she loves the sport, where she was battling it out in the playoffs last month.

Valentina Vignali Wikipedia Stats

 Birthday: May 30, 1991

Age: 26

Place of Birth: Rimini, Italy

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 6 ft.

Weight: 150 pounds

Dress Size: 12

Shoe Size:  9.5

Measurements: 35-24-37

Making a change

While she’s listed as playing for several clubs over her basketball career, one of her biggest changes came back in 2005. That year, her wiki page says she was talked into taking part in a modeling competition.

Since that day twelve years ago, she’s made a big impact in the profession. She’s credited as being a runner up in the Miss Muretto pageant, and a finalist for Miss Italy.

Upon getting her start, she joined up with a fashion academy in Milan. All this work, and her social profile, has allowed her to be a host on several programs, including Under the Basket. She even had a small role as an extra in an Italian film set in the fashion world before posing for such magazines as the Italian version of Playboy and GQ Italy.  

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Social influence and getting paid to post

Like a lot of popular social media personalities, Valentina gets paid for at least some of the posts she does. She regularly posts content relating to Huawei Mobile’s smart watch, something that she has praised for helping keep her on target with her fitness goals through its various functions.

It seems like a great match for her, because her posts are often showing her talking about being active and keeping in shape. She recently participated in #RunImpossible in Milan.

Besides that, she keeps her nearly 1 million Instagram followers connected by sharing shots from her modeling shoots, behind the scenes posts, and pictures from her games. Besides that, she shares details of her personal life and some great shots of the places she visits. You can find her there under the handle @valentinavignali.

She’s on twitter as @vignalona, where she’s got over 66 thousand followers. She’s also got over 600 thousand likes on Facebook, where she goes by @valentinavignaliofficial.

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