Chocolate Ice CreamIt is National Chocolate Day and one of our favorite days of the year. That's why we created a fitness style guide to head to the gym after having a chocolate wasted morning. Chocolate is good for your health and improves your heart health. Chocolate has many benefits such as good for overall cholesterol profile, antioxidant-rich superfood, and improves your cognitive function.

Fashion Guide

Our new Michi activewear collection comes in beautiful tan and brown colors. Get your yoga poses and leg day routine with the Michi Extension Crop Top and the Michi Extension Legging Tan. You will love these Canadian Made activewear and the soft fabric.

Always carry on your gym bag the cacao nibs. This healthy snack contain antioxidants, iron and it will improve your mood after a good workout. Always remember to indulge in moderation and keep the style. 

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