Sjana Elise

With the instant-gratification, busy society we live in, it’s easy to neglect what will help us be happier and healthier. We tend to stress out a lot and grab whatever junk food option is fastest and easiest so we can continue on with the day. It’s a cycle that can lead to a lot of problems later on.

Luckily, there are ways to handle the frantic pace and get you indulging in some serious self-care, and Sjana is here to help by sharing her love of Yoga. A practice that is becoming more and more popular, she’s helping to spread the yoga love. Read on to learn more about her and where you can find her online.

Sjana Elise Yoga

Sjana Elise Yoga

Sjana describes herself on her website as a 22-year-old Aussie with a love for Yoga, adventure, and catching some rays. She has defined her mission in life to help introduce others to a practice that she says has helped her not only get through difficult situations, but has changed her physically and mentally.

She’s the creator on an app that takes people through a simple program that is suitable for even the most inexperienced beginner, and writer of a popular blog that explores yoga, food, and much more.

Sjana the Blogger

Sjana Elise Yoga

Sjana has her own website at where visitors can get access to a newsletter with free tips, as well as sign up for a membership to her app. Along with that, she maintains a blog that delves into a variety of topics and includes some really great photography.

One of her more recent posts inspires readers to become more confident through ten easy steps they can take each day. Each step is something that can be done anywhere, any time, and it won’t cost a thing! She also encourages others to get creative and be open to other things not on her list that may achieve the same goal.

Another article on her blog deals with her personal tips for new Yogis, something that will be sure to help people exploring the practice, and even those who have already been breaking out that mat. As with the other article, she encourages people to be open to knowing what is working (or not working) for them. Interesting approach, since a lot of blogs might be more rigid in their advice.

Other topics include ways to inspire gratitude, food for the soul, and bullying. Besides the app and blog, she’s also busy gearing up for her first luxury retreat that will be held in October of 2017.

Connect With Sjana

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Her Instagram (@sjanaelise), which has over one million followers. She shares lots in inspirational quotes, advice, her blog posts, and some stunning photos!

If Instagram isn’t your thing, check her out on Twitter, where she goes by @sjanaearp and is followed by over 18K people. She’s also on Facebook as @sjanaelise, where she has over 170K likes.

Finally, you can join her on YouTube, where over 47K people have subscribed to her videos on Anxiety, body confidence, and food, among other things. You can find her channel at

Nationality: Australian

Age: 22 Years Old

Birthday: November 19th

Profession: Blogger and Photojournalist


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