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Since 1993, Shannon Miller has held the record of being the most decorated female gymnast of all time. It took until the 2016 Olympics Games in Rio for that record to fall to a woman who has overcome a lot of obstacles to get to the top of her sport.
Simone Biles worked her way into the public consciousness prior to Rio, when she was named to the USA team, and she took advantage of the opportunity in every way. Read on to learn more about Simone’s background, her Olympic journey, and what she’s been doing since the games ended. You’ll also learn where to find her online.

Simon Biles Facts

Simone spent some of her early years in foster care, due to her mother’s personal challenges. Eventually, she and her sister were adopted by her grandparents, who would help nurture the future star.

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The twenty-year-old was born in Ohio, but raised in Texas, a place that is still close to her heart. Earlier this year, she posted multiple times about her hometown and the relief efforts following Hurricane Harvey. Simone began training at the age of six, and made her competitive debut in 2011 at the Junior level, moving on to the Senior a couple years later. For the majority of her career, she has been with the same coach.

Simon Biles Medals

Simone was one of the new girls on Team USA, but she was unquestionably one of the main stars of the Final Five. Even before the team got to Rio, she was being singled out as someone who was going to do big things that year. According to Wiki, she achieved that by being the only member of the team to qualify for all four events in the final.

Simon Biles

During the Rio games, she would help Team USA make history, while also making a little of her own. She won the most medals for a female gymnast in single games. She also was a huge factor in them earning back-to-back team golds and helping Team USA win medals in every female event for the first time in decades. Not bad for a first time out!

Simon Biles on Body Image and Health

Simon Biles believes in positive body image and eating healthy. That's why we bring you few tips on how to maintain a healthy body and mind. Since Simon routines are intense she requires proper recovery. The Olympian drinks Core Power as a pre-workout drink for recovery, and a banana with peanut butter. She also includes fish, rice, and carrots in her meals.

Despite Simon personal challenges with her body image and her past cyberbullying, she stands strong and continues to promote positive body image.  

Courage to Soar Book

Big success on such a big stage is a life-changer, and Simone was no exception. Following her triumphant performance in Rio, she was faced with a decision many an athlete has had to make: what to do next. For a young gymnast, it also means deciding whether you want to give college competition a go or take advantage of the offers coming your way. Simone chose the latter, aligning with Kelloggs, competing on Dancing with the Stars, and writing a book. She’s also got a movie in the works, based on said book.

Simon Biles

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According to, the movie is set to premiere in 2018 on Lifetime. Simone’s been sharing some snaps from the set, reflecting on the memories the Olympic set brought back.

Of course, there was also some difficulty post-Olympics, with Simone taking some time off. Her longtime coach also moved, causing Simone to have to decide whether to keep going and who would help her get back in the gym. She would eventually choose Laurent Landi as a coach and is eyeing a return to competition.

  • Age: 20 years old
  • Height: 4'9"
  • Net Worth: $2.5 million
  • Career: Artistic Gymnast

Over three million follow her @simonebiles Instagram to see her travel adventures, get inspirational messages, and learn about partner brands Simone loves. She also has a twitter, @simone_biles, where over one million people are keeping up with her career and travels.

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