There are a lot of social influencers out there who have turned their looks and love of fashion into a career as models, usually promoting different brands on their social media sites. Sierra Skye, also known as Sierra Egan, has managed to get the attention of one of a big name magazine’s online edition. She’s also getting attention from other sites online, who want to make people aware of this swimwear influencer. Let’s learn a little more about Sierra and what attracts her fan base.

Sierra Skye

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First off, Sierra may be California girl, but she’s got Italian roots, according to body They also listed her as being Native American. The 131-poud model decided to go with Sierra Skye for her social brand, a choice that fits the vibe of her Instagram nicely!

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Sierra Skye

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Sierra hasn’t been in the online game long, as her account was only opened in 2015, according to In that short time, the 21-year-old has managed to get over two million followers in Instagram. It’s not hard to see why she’s managed to win over so many followers online, as her very first post on Instagram apparently featured her cat! Smart move, considering how the internet can’t resist a kitty pic. There are even whole hashtags dedicated to our feline friends.

That early display on social savvy not only gained her tons of followers, but a lucrative career. She models for brands like fashion nova and plumeria swimwear. Her Instagram is filled with pics where she shows off their hottest styles, as well as some intimate wear and active wear from other companies.

Another brand she’s worked with is Luli Fama, who shot her in the Bahamas showing off one of their more sporty swimwear offerings that blended nicely with the setting.

It’s not all about fashion on her account though. Sierra loves to pimp out MDS Medical Spa, crediting them for her glowing skin. She also regularly shares her love of Luxe Fitness protein drinks. Looking for some great jewelry choices? She’s worked with brands like that as well, and sometimes includes discount codes for her followers who decide to check out the brand.

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Sierra Skye and Roman Palumbo

Besides modeling, Sierra also vlogs, pairing up with her photographer boyfriend Roman Anthony Palumbo. The pair create quality videos that documents their daily lives as well as give their fans a peek at their travel adventures. They’ve shown off Cancun and the Bahamas so far, as well as taking their followers inside a beach party in Malibu. For the cat lovers out there, she does it again! The video also features the pair playing with kittens. The blog hasn’t been going long (the first video was three months ago), but they’ve already racked up hundreds of thousands of views.


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The most obvious place is the favorite social site of the day: Instagram, where over two million people know her as @sierraaaskyee. She’s also on Twitter as @sierra_egan, where she has over 15 thousand followers. Finally, you can subscribe to her joint YouTube account, Roman & Sierra’s world. They have over seven thousand subscribers.

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