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This next influencer we’re going to introduce you to has a bit of a different background than a lot of the others, but the result has been very similar. You’ll get tons of fitness inspiration that will help you to get into shape and feel better. You might also get some style inspiration, or discover some cool content.

Read on to find out if this Instagram star is someone who vibes with you. You’ll learn more about her, what she’s got to offer, and where you can keep up with her different projects/creations online. And yes, she’s definitely a multi-tasker.

So, let’s start off with some of the basic info on her. She’s a Dominican Republic-born influencer who started off as a dancer. Her website’s About page lists her as having a long background in the field, starting when she was a small girl. She trained at some impressive schools there, eventually becoming a part of their National Ballet. She’s been trained in multiple styles, and holds a special distinction in the ballet.

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You can also learn some personal details about one of the common struggles in the dance world and other things by googling her interview with blow hip hop TV on You Tube. In the early 2000s, following several successful productions and some modeling work back home, she made the move to the States and her career moved quickly.

Coming to the States was a huge game changer for Rosa. She landed a lot of modeling work fast, and began to appear in music videos for some huge artists. She also added actress and TV host to her credits here. Let’s take a look at a couple of the projects she’s done.


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One of her most recent is Los Blancos, something that she talked a little bit about in the You Tube interview I mentioned. The series is a web drama that is currently available online and is in the vein of the Narco novelas that are popular on television. Besides acting the 34-year-old star is also a described as a “fitness guide”, something that is clear by checking out her You Tube.

For those who are looking for something more than some You Tube demonstrations, she’s got a program  where people can get lifetime access to a two-week program that will provide tutorials and a calendar to help people reach their fitness goals.

Rosa Acosta Instagram

Rosa Acosta Instagram

Instagram: @rosaacosta (1.5 Million Followers)
@bodybyacosta (her brand account, with over 13K followers)
You Tube: Rosa Acosta (53K subscribers) There are lots of fitness videos here, as well as some cooking content.