Bodybuilder Pita Grace is an advocate for healthy living and a social media influencer in her own right. Her self-named website is all about helping women look good and feel good, both internally and externally.

The Building Blocks of Success

In her quest to help others become healthier, Pita’s website includes training guides that teach site visitors the best ways to follow a plant based diet. The guides available for purchase on her website include instructional support for building healthy legs and other body parts.

Other guides that site visitors can order include a guide to achieving 6 pack abs, and one on 45 day circuit training. Both are short term plans to help increase the effectiveness of abdominal and cardio workouts.

The meal plans offered on the site are plans that can be purchased and followed by everyone. Choices in meal plans include 7-day veggie and body melts. Both meal plans include a grocery list approved by Pita. While the body melt includes basic tips and recipes, the veggie melt includes a template for a month-long workout program as well as lists of vegan friendly meal ideas and a checklist for adding the proper amount of protein to one’s diet.

Those who submit a request to Pita can get help with their own customized meal plans. Users provide Pita with relevant information and she advises them on the best way for them to eat a healthy diet to achieve whatever weight or fitness goal they have.

Visitors to Pita’s site can even download recipes and grocery lists for free. Each recipe comes with a full color picture so visitors can see how the final product should turn out. The grocery lists show what to buy to add protein, carbs, fruits and greens to one’s diet. It also includes foods that have healthy fats as opposed to damaging ones.

Anyone who is hesitant to take Pita’s advice will find that the testimonies on the website speak to how valuable it is. Those who have tried her meal and training plans have stated that there was a significant difference in their health after following her advice.

Pita's Social Media

Pita’s fans can always follow her on social media. She can be found on Instagram @pita.grace, where she has 113,000 followers. She can be found on Twitter @PitaGrace, where she has 5,869 followers. Her YouTube page, which she links to from her website, is called PitaTheBully and has 1,183 subscribers.

 Pita Grace Achievements

Through her website and social media, Pita has been able to connect with women all over the world that want to improve their health and fitness levels. Though she hasn’t publically revealed why she is so passionate about the subject, her passion can be seen in her work. By subscribing to her YouTube channel anyone can watch videos of Pita toning her own body as inspiration for themselves. She is committed to helping anyone struggling with their health and weight to make the changes that they need to make.