Having trouble deciding which classes are for you? It happens to the best of us - I tried a Yoga and Meditation class and fell asleep halfway through. That counts as a success right? Here are five butt blasting classes to whip you into shape, just in time for that vacation you've been planning.

1. Barre + Cardio Fusion classes

Barre Cardio Fusion
If regular barre class isn't the cardio workout you were hoping for, then you should definitely try the new barre-cardio fusion class. You’ll slim down and get your heart rate up by moving through high intensity movements. You'll also sculpt lean muscles from brief moments of active recovery. You’ll love the fast-paced, full-body workout designed around simple and functional movements.



2.SUP Yoga


Yoga in a classroom is so last year. This summer, try Yoga on SUP (Stand up paddle board), a practice that combines core training with sup with a harmonious experience in nature. Doing yoga postures on a paddle board increases core strength and agility and is a perfect way to get out in the sun and fresh air!


3. Rowing


Looking for a full body work out but sick of going to spinning, rowing is the new exercise trend that is catching on fast. Rowing will hit about 85% of your muscles when done correctly. It is definitely a top runner if you're looking to tone your thighs and glutes. Rowing is high intensity but also low impact, so it’s safe and smart for your body.




Replace running with High-Intensity interval training for a tougher work out. HIIT workouts feature exercises like running, push-ups, and squatting all blended together. Rest time between exercises are short which helps boost a person's aerobic and anaerobic endurance levels.

5. Zumba Step

zumba Step

Zumba Step combines the dance-party atmosphere of Zumba with intense cardio from an aerobic Step routine. Zumba Step delivers a workout that is enjoyable but also challenges you to literally step up your cardiovascular workout. You’ll say burn off tons of calories and strengthen your legs, glutes, and core while moving to the fun rhythms of Latin music.