Brains and beauty are two things that go together when you look at the popular star, Naya Rivera.  Famous for her role as Santana Lopez in the beloved Glee series, Rivera has quite a lot of talent under the hood that speaks to stardom for all of the right reasons.  All over the magazines for all of the best reasons, Rivera has a lot going for her in terms of her beauty, style, and talent.

Naya Rivera

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Acting and being in the spotlight was in her blood, and from a young age, Rivera was dedicated to following her craft.  She had her first serious credit on screen with The Royal Family in 1991.  This started her career off and from then on, she got one-off roles or recurring roles in a small way on varying TV shows.  She even auditioned for American Idol but was cut during the first round.  

All of this changed for her when she landed the role of Santana Lopez of the popular Glee show.  She was broadcasted in stardom by the end of the first season, and from there she continued to shine with all sorts of acting jobs and even a music career.  All of this was finalized with her recent autobiography, Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up in 2016.

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With her role as the outspoken Santana, Rivera was able to use all of her talents in singing, dancing and acting in one place.  This was originally what led her to audition for the role back in 2009. Just like Santana is known for being outspoken, honest, and will always do what she needs to do in order to get ahead of the crowd.  This has allowed her to be the successful and talented woman that she is today.

With several awards to her name, it's clear that Rivera is destined for many things in the world of acting, and it all comes down to the “can do” attitude that had kept her moving forward from a young age.  She knew what she wanted to do with her life, and she kept on moving until she found it.  She got it using her own name and always worked to make sure that she could hold onto it for the right reasons.

Popular amongst fans for just these reasons, Rivera continues on her determined path to provide entertainment to everyone through her roles and acting jobs. She also has endorsed a few products, the most prominent one being ProActiv Solutions – the often celebrity-endorsed facial cleaner.  With her natural beauty, she was a good pick to be the new face of this popular product, and the commercial series did well with her speaking favor of it and its healing benefits.

Naya Rivera Fitness

  • Age: 31 years old
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Spouse: Ryan Dorsey
  • Career: American actress and singer

Naya Rivera

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Naya is known for maintaining a great shape and rock hard abs. Her secret? Well, Naya loves cycling and she attends classes twice a week to keep a lean body. Naya sticks to a clean diet and is a fan of green juice. Her snacks include hummus and guacamole, and she includes protein like tuna into her meals. 

After each workout, Naya will treat herself to a soy hazelnut latte. She also does regular squats to tone her lower body. You can practice these 4 exercises and complete the squat challenge:

  • Narrow squat
  • Narrow squat with back kick
  • Basic squat
  • Basic squat with side leg lift
  • Sumo squat

Rivera serves as a reminder for us that success from the strength that we find within ourselves, and we are responsible for making sure that we get to where we want to go with our lives.  With skills, smarts, and talent, the world is our oyster.

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