What would you do if your whole world basically fell apart around you? If you realized that everything you thought you wanted wasn’t actually your dream, but the dreams of others? If you’re Natalie Jill, you take a little time to regroup, take a hard look at yourself, and refocus your life and goals. This attitude took her from having practically nothing to being a top fitness influencer.

Never too late

In her late 30s, Natalie was in a re-grouping phase. Having spent many years working a corporate job, she was now ready for a new challenge to turn her life around. As she describes on her website, she put together a vision board where one of her goals was to be a fitness model. As you might imagine, she admits that there was very little support from the people around her. Most thought it was a crazy idea.

As has become the hallmark of her brand and message, Natalie refused to take those messages to heart. She instead focused her energy on acquiring the knowledge needed and doing the work to make that dream a reality. Multiple magazine covers later, she’s an example that anything really is possible.

Fitness empire

All that work led to a new life, a new love, and a thriving business. Her Natalie Jill fitness consists of a popular blog (www.nataliejillfitness.com) and YouTube channel where she takes her followers on a journey to better health. She also has a diet book on Amazon that shares the information she has gleaned from her studies. In it, she teaches readers simple recipes that will help shed pounds by getting off processed foods. She credits her diet and hard work with helping her to get better with age, even as she nears the end of her 40s.

Her YouTube channel, another popular Google search, boasts over 200,000 subscribers. She uses the channel to demonstrate workout moves, offer nutrition advice, teach about business development, and more. Some of her most-viewed videos include “Arm Jiggle Be Gone”, “Why and How You Need to Create a Vision Board”, and “7 Minute Body Fat Blasting Workout.”

Social Media Motivator

You can’t be successful as a business person and influencer without having a big social following. Natalie has it all covered. She’s got over one million Facebook likes, over 70 thousand Pinterest followers, and over 30 thousand Twitter (@nataliejillfit) Followers.

The social account that comes up first in a search, though, is Instagram @nataliejillfit where she is connected with over 500 thousand users. There, she shares diet and exercise related memes, recipes, demo videos, and personal posts filled with inspirational messages.

One of the things that stands out about her social presence is her mix of positive messages and tough love. She refuses to accept people’s excuses and instead encourages them to find a way to make their goals a reality. She also doesn’t have time for hateful comments, which she worked hard to get out of her head. Today, she preaches the message that these negative experiences are something to tune out as you focus on doing what’s right for you

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