Most of us are looking for ways to get ourselves in shape, but there are a lot of ways to reach your goals. How do you know what one is going to be the best for you and your goals? Trial and error. It’s a process that has no easy answers, but we’re here to help you get a little direction. 

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Morgan Tyler

If you’re looking for something that will get your body in shape, build your core, and even help you to grow emotionally and spiritually, meet Morgan Tyler. She’s a yogi who might also inspire you in others ways as well. Read on to learn more about her story, her transformation, and where you can follow her online for some fitness inspiration.

The Southern Yogi

So, Morgan Tyler is a twenty-something yoga teacher who began her journey to fitness by being a competitive swimmer. According to her website’s ABOUT page, she spent a decade in the sport before finding a new passion in Yoga.
The Kentucky native has a particular interest in AcroYoga and credits herself with two different certifications in her field.

Finding Morgan Tyler

Over the course of her practice, which she began in 2014, she’s been much more than teaching moves. She’s also been about emotional healing and honesty. Morgan is very vocal about her journey to confidence, and her path to peace after dealing with divorce. She wrote on her blog about the experience in-depth, talking about the different emotions that she emotions she experienced during the process, as well as the method she used to process the divorce, as well as her motivation for sharing the story.

In keeping with her ABOUT mission statement, she keeps it real by talking about social media and the effects it’s had on her to see negative comments, as well as what she’s learned about dealing with online comments. She also shares some strategies for getting more out of your social media experience so it can uplift, rather than bring you down.


The Transformation

In March of this year, she rebranded herself on Instagram as Finding Morgan Tyler. It was a move she described in an Insta post as a way of claiming her identity and a commitment to continued self-discovery. She took a huge step in another way as well, by leading her first retreat. In true form, she described it in an Insta post as a learning experience, then admitted in a later post how nervous she was leading up to the event and wondering how she was allowed to do this. It’s a great reminder that everyone has moments where they doubt themselves.

Morgan Tyler

On the heels of the retreat, she’s also announced that she’s getting ready to lead another event in Austin, Texas this May where students will learn creative vinyasa flow, as well as a handstand workshop with partner yoga acrobatics.
In addition to her classes, videos, and blogs, she offers her knowledge through her store. This includes her Ab’Asanas and Ab’Asanas 2 ebooks.

  • Blog: The Souther Yogi
  • Career: Yoga instructor

You can benefit from her 60-second video tips, reflections, and more by following her on Instagram as @findingmorgantyler. Over 500 thousand people are following these tips and more. She also has a YouTube channel with longer videos that talk resting wrists, core flow, and more. Look up Morgan Tyler on the site to join over 27 thousand subscribers to her content.

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