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Everyone knows that social media is the place to be if you’re looking to make your mark on your industry, and Michelle Lewin (@michelle_lewin) is doing just that. In the seven years since she came to the United States from her native Venezuela, she’s becoming a social media sensation.

Her accounts rack up impressive numbers, and reaction totals that would make a lot of people’s head’s spin. It doesn’t happen overnight, though, and Michelle has become a great example of needing to work hard to achieve one’s goals. In the beginning Michelle may be known as “La Cuerpa” (The Body) now, but her envy-inspiring story was once far more humble. She grew up poor, and her body showed it.

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She was once underweight, unhealthy, and just trying to get by. When she was seventeen, she began working on her body. The adrenaline rush stuck with her, and she became committed to working even harder. Fast forward a few years, and she found a trainer that would not only help her correct some mistakes in her routine, but would impact her life in other ways.


From Model to Guru

Michelle’s face soon caught the attention of a photographer who encouraged her to take her first steps into what would be a fruitful career. She traveled extensively, doing several campaigns. However, working out was still her great passion. She kept at it, and before long she was getting offers for fitness magazines.

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This would ultimately change the direction of her life, helping her to become the fitness guru her fans know now. She has worked closely with Betancourt Nutrition, among others. She also has a fitness app and a Youtube account filled with content that will help people to achieve their own fitness goals. She’s not shy about sharing her secrets, including not only her routine, but her diet. Inspiration and Motivation The main focus that drives Michelle is her passion for self-improvement.

Her Measurements & Statistics

Measurements: 36'-25'-36' / 91cm-63cm-92cm

Weight: 120lbs/54kg

Height: 5'4/164cm

Age: 31 years
Birthday: February 25, 1986


However, her monster social following also has her thinking of the people out there who might be helped by her own story and drive. She’s said multiple times in interviews how much she enjoys helping others to improve themselves. To take her message even further and connect with people on a more personal level, she travels the world, appearing at various events.

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One of these events will be the American Fitness Expo in Houston, Texas on June 3rd and 4th of 2017. She’ll also be at FitCon in the UK this April. Her Social Side While her Instagram is filled with videos of her gym routine, she also shows the person behind the body. She shows her lighter side in fun selfies where she shows off her travels and outfits, but she also uses her platform to advocate for childhood Cancer fighters, and to shine a light of events in her home country.

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Another interesting aspect about her public persona is, for someone who is in modeling and fitness, she has no problem showing off what some might consider flaws. Multiple pictures show off her freckles and post-gym look, proving that one has to work hard to get to where they want to go.