There are many fitness/lifestyle based social media stars out there, but Mary Helen Bowers is perhaps one of the more unique ones out there. A professional dancer initially, Mary Helen has turned her background and passion for fitness into a big business. Along the way, she’s racked up an impressive celebrity client base and ended up with a job preparing a famous actress for a starring role. 

Mary Helen Bowers

If you’re looking for an interesting account to follow and learn some new moves, you need to be following her online. Read on to learn more about this star of the fitness world.

Mary Helen Bowers Diet Plan

  • Slow cooked oats
  • Slow-roasted chicken with onions
  • Large salad with lots of veggies
  • One apple a day
  • Lots of water!


Mary Helen Bowers

Her business, Ballet Beautiful, isn’t all that surprising when you know Mary Helen’s background in dance. According to her Wiki page, the North Carolina native was only sixteen years old when she ended up joining the New York City Ballet. This was only a year after she won a scholarship to study with the School of American Ballet. Despite that early success, she stayed committed to her education, which would eventually earn her a Bachelor’s from Columbia University. That work ethic has stuck with her to this day.

Ballet Beautiful

A decade after joining the New York City Ballet, she would change her focus to helping others achieve their fitness goals through dance. To do this, she began devising ballet-based workouts that have struck a chord with her followers. With Ballet Beautiful (which you can find at people in her local area and elsewhere can take advantage of her experience, having fun with the challenging dance moves while getting it shape.


She’s expanded to a monthly membership that gives people personalized plans based on their goals. The membership includes two workouts a month, and lets people workout when it’s convenient for them. Mary said once in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar that it doesn’t have to take hours of working out a day to get to a healthier state. It just takes small steps, starting with only fifteen minutes a day, so she offers short workouts that work into the busiest schedule.

Her business has become so popular, she’s also been featured by Food & Wine magazine, and even trained Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan. She’s worked with a number of other celebrities and models as well, helping them to get in shape for photo shoots and filming.

Mary Helen Bowers Workout

Mary Helen Bowers

  • Height: 5'9"
  • Profession: Ballet dancer
  • Age: 38 years old

If there is a business person whose example you should follow, it’s her. Her Instagram (@balletbeautiful) occasionally shares food and on-the-go shots, but her account is mostly a showcase of dance steps, stretching exercises, and ballet shoe shots. Talk about being on brand! She makes it more interesting by featuring shots of her doing these poses and steps in a variety of places, including out and about with crowds of people milling about the street or shots on the beach. These her style has attractive over 500 thousand people to her account. 


She gives quick, easy tips in her posts while also keeping people informed about what she’s got going on next. If you’re into another social platform, she’s all over the net. Here are some of the places you can find her: 

  • Twitter: @balletbeautiful (Followed by over seventeen thousand)
  • Facebook: Ballet Beautiful (Liked by over 220 thousand people)
  • YouTube: Ballet Beautiful (Over 49 thousand subscribers, and featuring a range of demo videos and other content)

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