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Are you ready to learn about some more of the social media influencers who are helping brands to connect with them audiences? Well, this one is slightly different from a lot of the others we’ve been talking about. This is for two reasons: One, she mainly got her name as a dancer. Two? Her dancing has taken her on quite an interesting journey.

Read on to learn a little more about Lauren, her career as a dancer, what she’s up to now, and how she’s making a name for herself online as well. You’ll also learn where to connect with her on social media.

Lauren Gottlieb so you think you can dance

So according to numerous online sources, Lauren is a 30-year-old dancer and actor who comes from Arizona. She’s probably best known for being the star of a Bollywood project, and she currently is making a home and career elsewhere. Read on for more on that.

So, everyone who’s been studying Hollywood success stories knows that even the people who seemed to reach huge heights out of nowhere had to put in a lot of time under the radar getting their name out there. From her background info online and interviews, she’s no different.

Lauren appeared on the reality competition show So You Think You can Dance three years before her first film role. She got her first acting gig in 2005 on the show Ghost Whisperer (the same year she competed on SYTYCD), but didn’t get another acting gig until 2008. It shows us that all good things take some time.

 Lauren Gottlieb Instagram

Lauren Gottlieb Instagram


She spoke in an Instagram post about her disappointment at making it so far in the auditions for Britney Spears’ “Hold it Against Me” video, only to find out that no female dancers would be included in the video. She did, however, talk about getting to stand in for Spears during rehearsals, something that surely helped her for what would come later.

After years of a few minor dancer roles and guest spots, Lauren ended up participating in an Indian talent competition, Jhalak Dikhla Jaa, where she’d end up becoming the runner-up. Her success on the show had her back in other capacities, and lauded her a part in a Bollywood production called ABCD: Anybody Can Dance.

The opportunity was huge, and Lauren talked about the journey in interviews with Hindustan Times. She struggled to find a place to stay early on, and had to learn the language in order to participate better on the reality competition.

She put the work in, though, and is becoming a high-demand actress. In the interview, she also spoke about loving the fact that acting and dance are both so prominent in Bollywood. Look it up to see more about her and the web series she’ll be a part of.  An interview with the Indian Express spoke about the disappointment that came just before her Bollywood offer, and the role she believes fate has played in the path her life’s taken.

Besides her Bollywood work and other projects, she’s also listed on, where she is credited as getting an average of over 70K likes on each post. Through her @laurengottlieb account, she keeps fans up-to-date on her latest news and travels, as well as connect brands like Puma, MTV India,  and  MevoFit wit her over two million followers. She also spreads the positive vibes through inspirational quotes attached to some of her images.

 Lauren Gottlieb chilling with Terence Lewis

This picture of Lauren Gottlieb chilling with Terence Lewis