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If you haven’t heard of Karina Elle yet, you might want to pay attention. This multi-hyphenate social media personality is sure to be a must-read when you’re scrolling your feed in the morning. From modeling to empowering others to take charge of their bodies and health, she does it all with a smile and contagious attitude. Read on to learn more about this rising fitness star and see how you can learn her tricks.

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Karina Elle has been a name in the fitness world for a while, and it’s no big surprise she ended up in this line of work if you know her background. According to a profile on greatestphysiques.com, it may be in the blood! She cites her brother as being a big inspiration to starting her on the fitness path, and her sister is a fitness fan as well.

As a teen, she spent years on the cheerleading and cross country teams. To this day, she cites running as a favorite way to get in shape. After years of competing in these sports, Karina would eventually make the jump into helping others get fit by becoming a fitness instructor. The Florida native would split her time between her college courses and the gym.

After several years of competing in bikini competitions, she’d walk away with several titles and a new career.

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Karina Elle Meal Plan

Karina Elle

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The 26-year-old turned her earlier success into a string of modeling gigs and social media stardom. She opened her accounts and began sharing her trick, tips, and motivational thoughts. Being in high demand, she’s written for several online publications, including askfitnesscoach.com and idealfit.com, on various fitness and diet-related topics and has opened her site, Karinaelle.com where she promotes her fitness challenge that is designed to transform one’s mind, diet, and exercise routine.

 Karina Elle Nutrition List

  • Fruits
  • Green Vegetables
  • Fish
  • Brown Rice
  • Peanuts
  • Lean Red Meat
  • Olive Oil


One of the main messages one gets when reading her site and learning more about the challenge is that you need to enjoy what you’re doing to make it a lifestyle, rather than a short-term fix that will be undone the second the latest fad diet is over. She promotes the importance of balance as a means to that end.

That’s not all, though. Besides regularly modeling for fitness brand Bombshell Sportswear, she’s also the face behind Kali Swimwear. Her Instagram is filled with the various styles.

Karina Elle 15 Day Fitness Challenge

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Like many other young business woman, she’s taken to the internet to build and promote her brand. She’s embraced a dreamy, positive vibe for her Instagram account that matches her writing style and message behind her 15 day fitness challenge. She shows off workout tips, behind the scenes shots, and travel pics. One of her posts gave followers a look at what it actually takes to constantly produce the content she shares. This often means grabbing any random person who’s around to capture the shot. You can find her on Instagram as @karinaelle. She’s built up an impressive following of over 600K.

You can also join her over 1K followers on Twitter (@karinalisenbee), or like her on FB as @karinaelle. She’s got over 300K there. She’s also got a YouTube channel with over 7K subscribers. That’s linked on her website.

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