Jen Selter is a world famous fitness model that inspires women throughout the world to get in shape and stay in shape. This 23 year old created a fitness plan that any woman can follow. Those who follow the six week plan are able to tone their abs and enhance their rear end. Women who follow the plan use a fitness app created by Jen to guide them through proper fitness workouts.

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The app helps women track every important aspect of a workout, including tracking time, reps and the weights used for a particular routine. Jen filmed videos of every workout move that is part of the plan so that women can see how to do them correctly. On her official website, Jen shares with her fans all of the steps for completing what she calls the weekly Jen Selter Challenge.

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The Challenge Video


What Is Her Weight And Measurements

Dress size: 4
Breasts-Waist-Hips: 34-23-36 inches (86-58-91 cm)
Shoe/Feet: unknown
Bra size: 32B
Cup size: B
Height: 5’6″ (168 cm)
Weight: 125 lbs (57 kg)


The most commonly asked and answered question is her bra size and weight. She has a 32B bra size and weighs 125 pounds

Helping Build Motivation

Since she understands that being healthy involves more than just an exercise routine, Jen instructs her site’s readers on how to get back on the plan if they temporarily stray from it. She gives her readers advice on the proper clothing to wear while working out.

Her inspiring words have shown many women what they can do to get motivated to live a healthy lifestyle. She gives advice on how women can motivate themselves to go to the gym and complete the workout routines that will help them in the long run.

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A Fitness Inspiration

As she often travels in her role as a fitness model, Jen also shares with her website readers how to stick to a healthy lifestyle even when they are away from home. However, she also explains why it is OK for them to sometimes indulge in a desired but seemingly unhealthy food such as pizza.

Knowing that many women often feel like they are not good enough she gives her readers tips on boosting their self-confidence. Jen also instructs her readers on how to stop worrying so much and embrace life.

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Her Instagram Accounts

In addition to using her website to connect with her fans, Jen also uses social media. She can be found on Instagram @jenselter, where she has 11 million followers. Her Twitter can also be found @jenselter, where she has 1.05 million followers. She can be found on Facebook @jenLselter, where she has 8,735,491 followers. On her Facebook page her fans can see much of the work she has done as a model. However, she also uses the page to communicate with her followers as to how they are doing with her fitness plan.

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A Fitness Role Model

No matter what Jen does she keeps her fans in mind. While she takes pride in her beauty she takes more pride in helping women to improve their health and well-being. Women of all ages can draw strength and inspiration from Jen. Though she is extremely popular on the Internet, Jen is also someone who has a passion for women’s health and constantly offers support to anyone struggling with their own body image. As a young and inspiring role model, Jen is looked up to by countless women.

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