Are you in need of some motivation? Maybe you're looking for a way to not only get healthier physically but mentally as well. In a world where social media is prevalent and often feeds into our insecurities, there is an influencer who's determined to bring a bit of healing into the world born out of her own experiences. Her name is Janet Jones. 

Janet Jones

Haven't discovered her yet? That's cool because we've got you covered.  Read on to learn a little more about why you need to be following her. You'll also get the details about her social media accounts.

Janet Jones Fitness

According to her own website bio, she went through some pretty dark times, dealing with depression, as well as struggling with her place in the world. After trying for a long time to fit into the image of what a woman should be, career-wise, Janet followed her bliss and found she felt more alive, more authentic when she let her creativity shine through performance. That led her to create her site and a workout you'll learn a little more about in a minute.

Vixen Workout

She's been getting quite a bit of attention online, including an interview with Sweat Life. They talked about how people who've been involved in the workout and come out feeling empowered, and how they'll be taking part in the workout themselves in April of 2018. The interview also talks about how the mental health benefits are prioritized over the physical ones. Google and learn much more, including their tips for being ready for the experience.

She’s also been featured as part of Ocean Drive's "10 Fitness Trainers You Need to Follow." They talk a little bit about her Vixen workout and showcase one of her Insta posts to show readers her style and vibe. As you might know, that's really important to make sure you vibe with the people and content you're exposing yourself to.

Vixen Workout

  • Founder: Vixen Workout
  • Hometown: Miami

Janet Jones Veloso, as her full name reads on Insta goes by @janet_jones on the site. She also has several others on the site: @vixenworkout, @vixenworkoutnyc, @vixenworkoutcertified, and @vxnapparel. These accounts show just how you keep successful in your chosen industry: by being authentic, and by being willing to expand into new, exciting things. On Insta, she describes herself as a fitness artist, a fun, interesting distinction for those looking for a new way to get fit, and over 66 thousand people have joined in to keep up on her latest.

Vixen Workout

She not only gives people a look into her work and personal adventures, but she also gets very personal in her writings on the site. She discussed in one post in particular how she started her brand with less than a dollar in her bank account and a deep desire to improve the lives of others. This led to her being honored as one of @stevemadden's self-made inductees. Follow her various accounts to see great apparel, and read more about dance and its benefits.

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