IV Fitness is a website started by Idalis Velazquez. She is a well-known lifestyle and fitness expert that has dedicated her life to helping others. Idalis is not only a former athlete, she is also a personal trainer certified in NASM.

Idalis Velazquez

IV Fitness

Having always been interested in fitness, Idalis became even more inspired to help others remain healthy as a result of her own struggle with complications and setbacks in her health once she became a mother. She then developed a passion for educating others about fitness. In an effort to do so, Idalis has created workout routines, as well as a series of 18 DVDs called All In for her Women's Health Magazine.

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She also collaborated with Target to create the C9 Champion Commit to Fit Challenge. Idalis also served as a Champion Brand Ambassador for C9. In addition, Idalis served as the host of the Earth's Finest Fitness Miami challenge for the Fiji Water brand.

Aside from all of these endeavors, Idalis maintains her own blog in which she discusses topics such as smoothie recipes and tips for achieving perfect abs. There are pages of entries on her blog, all designed to inspire and motivate her readers.

All in 18 Workout

Fans of Idalis can participate in her fitness training. She offers the All In 18 program, as well as corporate wellness and personal training. The All In 18 program is marketed as a collection of DVDs that provide life-changing exercises its viewers can complete in only 18 minutes on a daily basis. These exercises result in loding body fat as well as toning thighs, butts and abs, and even achieving sculpted shoulders, legs and arms.

Idalis' corporate wellness training takes a company's employees and shows them how to be healthy and happy. The training includes Yoga and bootcamp classes, as well as mobility and exercises that can be done sitting in an office chair.

Idalis Velazquez

Semi-private personal training is also a service that Idalis offers. These training sessions are kept small,  with at least two participants, but no more than four. Sessions often include a small group of friends, co-workers or even couples. Siblings, mother-daughter pairs, and bridesmaids are small groups that often participate in this type of personal training.

  • Age: 34 years old
  • Career: personal trainer and creator of Women's Health Magazine
  • Hometown: Coconut Creek, FL

IVFitness can be found all over social media. Its Instagram account is @ivfitness and has 69.5 thousand followers. The Twitter account can be found @ivfitness, which has 1,120 followers. The YouTube channel can be found @IdalisVfitness, which currently has many subscribers. Here, fans if Idalis can see her workout videos.

IVFitness and Idalis Valasquez are forces to be reckoned with. The incredibly popular website and the blog were created with all the passion that Idalis has in her. It is an excellent resource for any woman who wants to improve her physical fitness. The training opportunities available can be invaluable to those who are struggling with their health or just want to introduce new fitness routines into their lives that they will want to stick to.

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