Irina Kazakova Social Media Influencer

Ready to get acquainted with another influencer who’s sure to help you get in the perfect mood for ending the summer right? Looking for some great places to take some water-fueled adventures? Well, look no more, because Irina is the perfect person to check out. She might even inspire you visually as well.

This is an influencer who has worn a lot of hats, showing us that being able to adapt is the biggest key to success. Keep reading to learn about her background, her passions, and where you can connect with her online for some amazing imagery.

Irina Kazakova Flexibility

This Russia-born influencer may be spending a lot of time tropical locations now, but she was once more commonly seen in a completely different setting. For many years, she competed as part of the Russian National Rhythmic Gymnastics team.

The now thirty-one-year-old influencer made quite a career for herself. Her wiki page lists her as winning the Honored Master of Sports in Rhythmic Gymnastics award back in 2002, early in her competition days. What makes this even more impressive is the fact that wiki points out that the award is the highest honor an athlete in her discipline can receive from their government.

Irina spent five years on the national team, earning several other honors before making the move into other interests. This includes appearances on reality  TV competitions.

Gravity Defying

Irina’s next big move after she moved on from the competitive rhythmic gymnastics scene wasn’t exactly a big stretch. She put a lot of the training she received (and the incredible flexibility) into working as an aerialist and contortionist with both Sensatia Cabaret and Faena. She has both places listed in her Instagram bio. She also recently celebrated her ninth year working at the Ultra festival in Miami in a social media post back in April of 2018.

There’s perhaps no other part of her career that has moved her as much as the ocean (or any water in general). These days, she’s spending a lot of time diving, performing underwater dances, and even modeling underwater (plus getting behind the camera). She speaks passionately on her multiple accounts about the impact the water and diving has on her, and how much she loves the beauty to be found free diving.

She also loves showing off her favorite locations and sharing her personal memories and struggles from her days as a competitive athlete to her recent challenges that kept her on dry ground for a time.
Multi-tasking influence



Irina Kazakova Gymnast

She doesn’t just manage one social media platform. This multi-tasking influencer has three. While you can see a lot of the same content on each, her three accounts also differ slightly based on its focus. Her @sunallure account is her main Instagram that gives people a peek into her other interests, daily life, and partner brands that are looking to connect with her audience.

Underwater movement focuses a little more on her love of diving and performing under water, while the @irinakazakova_photography account puts more of the focus on her photography in general, which also has a website linked to it.

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