How to Tone Your Butt

You've been hitting the gym, doing your squats, adding more and more weight for the peach of your dreams, but have you been eating the right things to help it grow? Exercises will definitely give you a much firmer and rounder butt, but eating right plays a very important role in the process. Here are certain foods that help grow that booty!


A great source of protein, eggs help in building muscle where you want it the most. Although they do have plenty of protein, they also have cholesterol, so limit yourself. You can always just eat the egg whites, but the entire egg will definitely have a few more grams of protein for your behind.


Beans are both rich in protein and amino acids. They help strengthen and build your body, which leads to a much plumper butt.


Very low in fat and is an anti-oxidant. Although it doesn't build muscle, it's an amazing breakfast choice. Eating oatmeal in the morning will give you the energy you need to do those butt exercises!

Eating Healthy for Fitness


Eating chicken is fantastic for gains. It has the right amount of everything, including protein. Just make sure it's not fried! You don't want grease and fat.


Any fish will help you build muscle, so what makes salmon so important? It has the best sources! Salmon has the right amount of fats, vitamins, and proteins; an incredible muscle booster. It will go straight to your butt without giving you unwanted fat.

Healthy Eating

Sweet Potato

Has a small amount of carbs and is high on nutrients, like fiber. The fiber in a sweet potato reduces hunger and burns fat while you're building muscle, giving you a more toned look.


Quinoa is the best replacement for rice. It's high on protein and low on carbs, helping you gain lean muscle while keeping away the fat that will go straight to your belly, hips, and thighs.

Quinoa for fitness

Always remember that your body will look and feel different depending on what you eat. If you eat correctly, you will definitely see a drastic change and get the results you want. So don't forget to feed the booty and keep squatting! <3