Focus, Stamina and Adrenaline 

These activities require extreme strength and endurance. The only way to learn a tough sport or activity is to learn the basics, get lessons and jump in! Whenever I learn a new extreme sport, I always spend a lot of time on lessons from a professional. Learning from the pros is the best way you will master key techniques and form. These sports require constant focus, stamina and adrenaline. Always make sure with your doctor that you are in good condition to practice extreme sports. Here are my top 5 extreme sports activities to keep you in tip top shape all the time:


Surfing and Wake Boarding 

Surfing is number one on my list because you need upper and lower body strength, swimming strength and good cardio conditioning. Always make sure you take lessons before attempting any surf activity. Surfing can be highly dangerous and the risk is high when you are in close proximity to others in the water with a giant 6 foot + table. This sport is even more dangerous alone; so always go with an experienced buddy. Safety is your utmost priority when surfing and always be aware of the risks involved with any extreme sport. 


Surfing for fitness


Boxing requires busts of strenuous activity. Boxing commands advanced cardio and power to be able to survive rounds on the bag. Many times  you can join clubs to train alongside the pros and you never have to get inside the ring to fight. As you advance in skill and agility, many clubs will practice with you using pads to hit. You can get in the ring and practice pads to simulate the feeling of real fight action, without actually getting hurt. 


Summer Body


You are never too old to start skateboarding. If you are really new to skateboarding you can probably start with a long board. Longboards are super fun but are difficult to do technical tricks with.  Place one foot firmly on the board near the upper most part of the board and push off the ground with the opposite foot. Bring your back foot in and try to master steering with your arms/body. 


Yoga for fitness


Make no mistake, yoga is not for the faint of heart. Several poses and sequences get your blood pumping. Even more effective if you do yoga in a hot climate. Yoga tests your stamina, strength and endurance all at once, while pushing the boundaries of what you think your body can do. With gentle practice your yoga experience will bloom with every class. You can even look online if you are shy about going to a formal yoga class. Classes are very meditative and there is something to be said about the collective consciousness of a positive yoga class. Yoga’s twists and turns are like a massage for your insides and your many working muscles! 

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing pushes you to go beyond your limits. Mentally and physically demanding, Safety is paramount here as with all extreme sports here so be sure to learn from a professional first (many times!) and ensure you have all the right equipment. This sport will increase dexterity and palm strength, as well as grip strength too. Get to know your mind and body better through rock climbing. 

When you love to play sports and activities, staying fit and healthy becomes a way of life. Eat to properly fuel your body and consider the science behind the food you eat. Always choose variety when it comes to being active and eating right. 


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