Helpful Tips To Achieve Your Fitness Goals


Fitness Inspiration Rosanna Cordoba


With summertime only a short six months away it is never too early to start getting your body ready for the bikini season. By taking the proper steps now you can enjoy your summer knowing that you’ll be able to rock any bikini you slip into. Here is what you need to do:




1. Change Your Eating Habits

Healthy Eating Habits for 2017

The first thing you need to do to get your body ready is switch eating habits. Though three meals a day is the typical pattern most people follow, a better way to achieve a bikini-ready body is to eat smaller meals more frequently. This works to put your metabolism into high gear, which will help you burn the fat off just in time for bikini season. The key to making this happen is to consume foods containing healthy fats, protein and the complex carbohydrates your body needs. To trick yourself into thinking you are eating more than you are, use a smaller plate than you would normally use for a full meal.




2. Stay On Track with Meal Prep

Importance Of Meal Prep For Weight Loss


Rather than randomly choosing what you will eat, it is much more effective to plan your meal schedule on a weekly basis. Once you have devise a meal plan that is healthy but still appeals to you head to your local farmer's market for the ingredients you'll need. The fresher the fruits and vegetables you consume are the sooner your body will be ready for the summer.



3. Knock Out Your Workout


Going To The Gym Meme

Many people find it difficult to fit a daily workout routine into their schedule but this is an essential part of getting your body bikini-ready. The easiest and most effective way to incorporate your daily workouts is to do them when you get up in the morning. The reason for this is what when you work out in the morning you burn unwanted fat as opposed to burning carbohydrates, which comes with exercise later in the day.


When you do your morning workout before breakfast you are burning the fat stored in your body because while you are sleeping your body was processing the carbs. You’ll want to engage in exercises that are short but highly intense.



4. Never Skip Breakfast


Eat Breakfast To Lose Weight

Once your morning workout is completed it is essential that you eat a healthy breakfast. Though many women hesitate to eat right after exercising, you should because it will prevent you from eating more food than you should throughout the rest of the day. Whatever your healthy breakfast consists of, make sure you drink water as opposed to anything sugary. Drinking water will also help give your metabolism a boost and you will find it easier to lose that unwanted body fat that will get in the way when bikini season kicks off. When you drink cold water it burns more calories in your body because your body works to heat up the water.

When you are strutting around in your bikini this summer, make it a point to stand tall and keep your head up. This will automatically give you the lean look you want when you slip into your favorite bikini.