If you’ve spent any time at all checking out Instagram influencers and looking at what’s hot online, you know that fitness and lifestyle are one of the more popular topics out there. Tons of people are online each day, either making their living by inspiring others or looking for inspiration for their lifestyle/fitness changes.

Holly Rilinger

Holly Rilinger is one of a long line of fitness stars out there who are looking to help people achieve their health goals. What sets her apart, however, is her approach to fitness in her latest creation: Lifted. How is it different? Where can you find her to get some fitness inspiration? Read on, and be enlightened.

Holly Rilinger Bio

So, it’s obviously important to a lot of people that their fitness inspiration is someone that has knowledge in the field, and the experience of putting their methods to work for themselves. The proof is in the results, right? Well, here are some basics so you know Holly’s background and training.

First of all, she’s got a ton of fitness certifications. To name only a few from her resume, she’s a Nike Master Trainer, and a certified personal trainer. You can see the rest of her resume on her website, or by checking out her page of bravotv.com. Yes, she’s also a fitness host on the network, taking part in their show, Work Out New York.

She’s also been a professional international basketball player and runs a lot of different camps and classes.

Holly Rilinger Workouts

So, you will definitely find that Holly is very traditional in a lot of ways, as far as her workouts go. There’s spinning, cardio, and all the stuff you’d expect from an exercise class. However, she’s also found that it’s important to not only look out for the body, but for the soul as well. That’s why her Lifted program incorporates meditation and yoga moves. These are designed to give you a little breather while also keeping your mind focused and present.

She also prioritizes healthy, clean eating and keeping one’s focus on sticking to as much real food as possible. Her methods and message have found their way into the public consciousness. Not only is she featured on that Bravo show mentioned above, but she has also been featured on sites such as Nutritious Life, where she talked about her love of sleep, her workout habits, and the kinds of things she eats to keep her body fueled and happy. She breaks down her morning routine for Shape.com, gives more diet and workout tips in a PopSugar feature, and more. HealthiNation and Doctor Oz have also featured her workout demos and tips on their YouTube accounts.

Lifted Book

Besides Lifted, she has also written a book on the program, titled Lifted: 28 Days to Focus Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body, and Elevate Your Spirit. The book not only breaks down different workouts, but shares guided meditations, recipes, mental exercises, and more.

Holly Rilinger

If that wasn’t enough, in the past year, she also became the creative director for Cyc Fitness, according to Wellness and Good.

  • Height: 5'4"
  • Career: Fitness expert
  • Location: New York

Via her social media, she’s also showing tips and has announced online opportunities to take part in her program. You can find her Instagram at @hollyrilinger. She’s got over 38 thousand followers on the site, where she also shares inspiring messages, and updates, including her upcoming speaking gig with @locktoncompanies. She’ll talk about Performance.

Holly Rilinger Fitness

She can also be found on Twitter as @hollyrilinger (over 27 thousand followers), on Facebook as Holly Rilinger Fitness (over 22 thousand likes), and YouTube as Holly Rilinger, where her videos have gotten almost ten thousand views. Her website is holly.life.

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