Hilde Osland is next in a line of social media influencers who are capturing the attention of Instagram users and making a career out of it. These entrepreneurs are stylish, creative, tech savvy. In Hilde’s case, talented. She displays a little-used talent sometimes for her followers that grabs their attention and leaves them wanting more. Want to know more yourself? Keep reading and find out why fashionistas are loving what she does.

Hilde Osland

Let’s start with a few basics. Hilde’s a Norwegian model who currently is calling Australia home. Back in 2009, she featured in As the Bell Rings before she moved on to another television project, Norway Idol. She’s also credited with being part of the performing arts institute Patrick Studios the same year. The studio teaches a variety of performing arts, including dance. The 5’3 dynamo definitely learned from her time there. According to StarNow.com says she knows ballet, tap, and jazz.

There’s another skill that Hilde has picked up along the way, and it’s one that her Instagram followers love getting the rare glimpse of: singing. Star now says she’s a pop singer, although she’s listed as loving a few others. One of them is, surprisingly, Jazz.

This talent earned her a spot on Norway’s version of the popular Idol franchise, where she made it into the top 40. Listening to her videos, one can’t help but think of ‘90s pop icon Jewel. Her vocals are so close, it’s unreal. While she hasn’t uploaded any videos to her YouTube channel in two years, they’re still work checking out. Now, fans settle for the quick tastes she posts on social media.

Hilde Osland Shop

Hilde Osland

Hilde may have a love of music, but she’s also got a love of fashion and has turned that into a business. She models a variety of lines on her account, styles ranging from intimates to formal wear. She them makes the fashions she shows off available to her fans on the site buymyclothes.com. If you’re also a size six (UK and AU) and are in Australia, you can own her looks.

What brands does she usually show off online? A few of the more frequent brands showing up are @hotmiamistyles, @rebelliousfashion, @loungeunderwear, and @hellomollyfashion.

She also often highlights the hair products she uses and offers discount codes on some items to her followers who decide to buy her look.

Hilde Osland Model


Hilde has over 340K people following her Instagram account (@hildeee) where she models different lines. She’s always expressing gratitude to her followers and thanking them for the love they give. Sometimes, however, there’s enough negativity that she feels the need to respond. She did that earlier this year in a post where she defended her body and talked about how people can sometimes take internet commentary too far.

If you’re looking for more, you can also join her over 1500 Facebook fans (@hildeeeosland), or check out those YouTube videos at @LilHul To date, over 63K people have viewed her cover songs

Hilde Osland

Student: RMIT University

Lives: Victoria, Australia

Instagram: @hildeee

Facebook: @hildeeeosland

YouTube: @LilHul


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