Faya Nilsson launched the website Fitness on Toast in 2013. She originally intended to use the site for giving the general public access to her healthy recipes and tips on fitness and nutrition. Now a complete lifestyle blog, it has been recognized as the best by the UK Blog Awards and Cosmopolitan magazine.

Fitness on Toast

Faya Nilsson

Now working as a personal trainer, Faya Nilsson hails from Stockholm, Sweden. Her relocation to London inspired her to come up with Fitness On Toast and gave her the name of her popular website. After having moved to London she began reading food diaries kept by her clients. When she did, she discovered that many of the recipes involved toast.

Fitness on Toast

Fitness on Toast

The website includes many categories, such as recipes, interviews, fashion and fitness. There is also a travel section that chronicles her trips all over the world. The recipes section includes many of Faya’s own for breakfasts, salads, soups and desserts. The interviews section of the site features Q&A’s with names such as Elle McPherson, Stella McCartney and Steffi Graf. The fashion section includes photos of Faya posing in trendy outfits. The fitness section is where readers will find things such as tips on stretching after a workout.

Fitness on Toast

In the travel section of the site, Faya shares with her readers, pictures from her trips to destinations such as Bermuda, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Spain and more. Readers can also get tips on traveling to each destination and advice on what to do while they are there.

Fitness on Toast Health Tips

Aside from her website, Faya has also written and released a book called Fit in 3. The book discusses all the ways in which readers can adopt Faya’s Swedish lifestyle and how it will improve their own lives. Available through the UK division of Amazon, the book has already proven popular among readers all over the world.

Faya's lifestyle includes a healthy diet of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats. During an interview she suggested a cup of caffeine-rich matcha green tea for breakfast. Her fitness routine includes Bikram yoga, weight training and pilates. Faya also includes meditation and a healthy night time routine of long hot bath and an early night's sleep.

  • Age: 30 years old
  • Profession: Swedish personal trainer
  • Lives in: London

She also has an e-book available on her website that shows readers how to safely lose weight while at the same time boosting their energy and improving their overall health.

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Faya is active on the hottest social media sites. Fans can follow her website on Instagram @fitnessontoast, which has 125,000 followers. They can also follow it on Twitter @FitnessOnToast, which has 23.4 thousand followers. The Facebook page for the site can be found @FitnessOnToast, which has 28,305 followers. Her YouTube channel can be found @FitnessOnToast - it includes workout videos and tips for staying healthy while traveling.

As someone who is passionate about fitness and healthy living, Faya has created a valuable lifestyle blog that shows readers fun ways to get the most out of their life. Her travels all over the world have helped shape her into a well-rounded person who wants to help others enjoy their lives as much as she enjoys hers. The future looks bright for Faya as she continues to help women of all ages to take better care of themselves physically and mentally.

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