Thirty-year-old Cassey Ho, an LA-born fitness guru, didn’t plan on leading a popular workout movement, but it happened. Today, she has numerous online fitness challenges, a popular YouTube channel, and the admiration of not only fitness buffs, but celebrities.

Challenging people

Fitness is an important thing to keep in mind, especially since many of us today live a sedentary lifestyle. Moving one’s body is the key to keeping a healthy body and mind, but it’s often hard to make the time for traditional workout programs.

Cassey, who had been interested in Pilates and nutrition since her teen years, became a Pilates instructor after a brief stint as a fashion buyer and decided to take what she was doing in the classroom and put it online where more people could benefit.

The style, Pop Pilates, is based around using popular music and unique moves to make the workout more fun. Ho believes that joy and fun is the key to sticking with a workout routine, it’s led her to an impressive three million subscribers.

She helps her subscribers and blog followers benefit even more from her knowledge as a certified Group Fitness Instructor, Pilates Mat and Reformer teacher to create programs that users can do from home that will target various parts of the body. Her most searched-for challenge on google is the abs challenge. A quick search shows a wide range of links for simple 5-10 minute workouts designed to fit into a busy lifestyle. Other challenges featured on her site, Blogiates, include butt lift, Stretch Revolution, and Adore the Core. She even has printable workout instructions, nutrition graphics, and recipes.


An Accidental Advocate

Another way Ho has been helping her many fans is through advocacy. In a world where magazines prominently feature pictures of people where photoshop has been overdone, she’s stepped up to help people realize that these images are not something to strive for. This began when she saw a department store ad and decided to write a post about it. The article went viral, and sparked an important conversation.

She also stepped up and created another viral post when she uploaded a video called The Perfect Body. It’s one of her more popular creations, and was inspired by the negative comments she’d been getting online. Many fans connected with the message, and embraced her attitude in dealing with the negativity.

Social Darling

Her accounts feature impressive numbers. Besides her massive YouTube following, she’s got over a million Instagram followers, and over 2 million Twitter followers. She’s also passed the million mark on Facebook. She keeps her followers inspired by sharing personal struggles, inspirational messages, tips, and short videos that demonstrate workout moves. Even vandalism of one of their buildings gets turned into a positive post when she shows how she used the opportunity to be creative and pretty up the place.

She also shares news about her appearances and her other endeavors, including her fashion lines and a partnership with 24-Hour Fitness.