Gypset Goddess

Did you know that yogagramming is a thing? People all over are taking to the practice that is designed to make you healthier in both body and spirit, and they’re looking to document their journey. They randomly take shots to share favorite poses, give tips, and share what they’ve learned along the way. One of the people that has managed to take their practice and make an impact online is Caitlin Turner. If you haven’t heard of her, or been introduced to the benefits of Yoga, you need to check her account out. Read on to learn all about this former rhythmic gymnast and where to follow her.

Gypset Goddess

Gypset Goddess

Caitlin started off as a Yoga instructor back in Arizona. Her passion for the practice and expertise led her to jump online to share to see where it would take her. She mentioned in a blog interview with Open Sky Fitness that she was among some of the first to use Instagram when the app was first getting attention. As the app got more popular and she stayed consistent, she quickly attracted over 300 thousand followers.

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While she always loved travel, it wasn’t until she really took off on Instagram that she started traveling more. Companies and places who wanted to connect with her audience contacted her to help them to promote their business/locale. In the Open Sky Fitness interview, she discussed how she was invited by the Toursim Authority of Thailand to travel there and bring attention to the country. They paid her to come and blog about the area as well as gram her stay.

Another opportunity came in 2014. She was able to do a video for BeFiT where she demonstrated a 20-minute routine that was designed to help beginners to the practice boost energy, release tension, and more. She The video has attracted over 100,000 views and offered people the chance to find more free workouts at another site. 

Article writing is also a way these influencers attract attention, and she took full advantage of an opportunity to write for She gave people yoga tips. These tips focused mainly on how to document one’s yoga journey through photos, but it also gave some tips for the practice itself. One in particular discussed the importance of letting go of self-consciousness and being mindful of your body and how to practice safely.
Gypset Goddess

Everything she does aligns with her love of Yoga and Travel, while setting the intention of inspiring others to begin a healthier lifestyle. Besides this, famous birthdays says she has a fashion collection and an Indonesian Yoga series.

Gypset Goddess Diet Tips

Gypset Goddess

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Don't skip breakfast
  • Avoid processed food
  • Eat natural foods
  • Practice exercise three times a week
  • Don't deprive yourself and don't over indulge 

On her @gypsetgoddess Instagram, she manages to keep a similar vibe in each picture despite the varied locales and setups in her pictures. She combines these with inspirational messages, like her post about the self-doubt she experienced while getting ready to start a massive project. She gave tips on how to get through that barrier, something that is sure to be a help to almost anyone. You can also keep up with her by going to her Facebook, Gypset Goddess. She has a verified account with over 12,000 likes.

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