Bianca Cheah

You know that thing you’re itching to do? That thing that starts as a random idea, and then just takes over your thoughts? They say that’s the thing you should pursue passionately, and Bianca is a great example of this. She took a simple hobby, and has parlayed it into a successful online empire.

Along the way, she’s grown a huge social audience and she’s inspired many of her followers to do the same. Read on to learn all about this multi-talented social star, and find out why you need to be following her now.


Bianca didn’t exactly set out to take social media by storm and start a successful online business. When she opened her first blog, it was just a hobby that seemed to connect with people. After seeing how much some people were enjoying her content (and how much she enjoyed putting it together), Bianca decided that 2014 was the year to take a chance and began seriously trying to turn it into her livelihood. Using her Media, Interior Design, IT, and Yoga training, she built what would become Sporteluxe.

Bianca Cheah

Seems like that was a pretty good decision! In an interview with MissBish, she talked about how, in under two years, her blog grew to support a double-digit staff, thirty regular contributors, and two offices in two different countries. The site covers everything lifestyle and fitness, ranging from makeup and hair, to recipes and nutrition advice, to relationships, green living, money, and more. She even has a city guide section inspired by her travels.

Her passion for fitness and various lifestyle topics has fueled the fire that made her blog a success, leading to speaking gigs on top of her modeling work. If that wasn’t enough, she does workshops on wellness too.


Bianca Cheah

The IMG-repped Aussie has made a huge splash in the modeling world since the start of her career. She’s worked with SHAPE magazine, Cosmopolitan Body, and been featured on the cover of Fernwood. According to that MissBish interview, she’s also collaborated with brands like Converse and Jaguar.

Bianca Cheah


As with most success stories these days, Bianca has taken to social to spread her message of healthy, balanced living. This message seems to have resonated just as much there as it did on her blog. Her Instagram (@biancamaycheah) has attracted over one hundred thousand followers who are anxiously awaiting her next pic. She shows off her yoga poses, favorite foods and brands, behind the scenes shots of what it takes to run a successful online publication, and more.

Bianca Cheah

Most of her posts are accompanied with fun, inspirational, or informative captions that inspire people to take control of their health and their lives. She also shares some great travel shots and talks about the importance of maintaining balance amid a busy schedule.

Bianca Cheah's Height and Age

  • Height: 5'6"
  • Measurements: 22" / 22"
  • Hair: Dark brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Size: 5.5 UK / 38.5 EU
  • Talent: IMG Models
  • Husband: Simon Chalmers

Besides her Instagram account, one can follow Biance on Twitter at @BiancaMayCheah, or connect with on Facebook as Bianca Cheah. Over two thousand others have connected with her on twitter, while she’s liked by over 800 thousand on Facebook. You can also find a variety of videos by joining over two thousand subscribers on her Bianca Cheah channel on YouTube.


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