Bella Thorne

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She may only be twenty years old, but Bella Thorne has already proven she has the guts, drive, and talent to forge her own path in the entertainment industry. In her young career, she’s already accomplished a lot more than some of her peers in the industry and has made some interesting choices. Don’t know who Bella is? Read on to learn more about the woman who’s quickly becoming a major name. 

Bella Thorne Bio

The Florida-born entertainer has had to overcome a number of obstacles, including a learning disorder and the early loss of her father on the road to stardom. According to Wikipedia, she initially spoke Spanish and faced a lot of bullying in school.

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Before long, she and her siblings were lining up modeling and acting gigs and getting valuable experience that would serve Bella well when she got a deal with Disney for the series Shake it Up. She also starred in a number of family-friendly comedies for the company, while also taking on other projects. Once the series ended, though, she faced what almost every other child star has to navigate: forming a lasting adult career.

Bella Thorne Movies

Bella hasn’t stuck to the family-friendly comedy that most of her fans first knew her from. After Shake It Up, she starred in an artsy film as an agoraphobic teen who ends up in a terrifying fight for her life, and her mother’s, after a highjacking occurs on her way to a treatment center.

She also took on the role of an addict in Perfect High for Lifetime, and forgo a more prominent role in MTV’s Scream to play a manipulative teen who has a huge impact on that season’s plot. She’s also taken on a number of other horror movie roles.

Currently, Bella plays Paige on Freeform’s Famous in Love, a young woman whose life is changed when she is talked into going to an audition for a huge book franchise-turned movie. Bella has also appeared as a mean girl in the movie The Duff. 

Bella Thorne

Bella is also a dancer, which she studied for Shake It Up, and has demonstrated this talent on her new show as well. She’s also released a solo EP, done voice work, and is an author. She has a trilogy of young adult books centering on an outsider new to the school that borrows from the star’s own life.

She and sister Dani did an interview for where they talk about wanting to do music together and get into fashion as well.

  • Age: 20 years old 
  • Birthday: October 8th
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Net worth: $4 million

Bella Thorne Fitness Secrets 

Bella Thorne has an amazing body and finally, she shares with her followers how she gets the amazing abs. This ab workout is called the viper wood chop. 'My workout consists of an hour and I always make time for proper stretching before and after my workout." She says.

Bella also practices yoga which she mixes her training with circuit training. We all know that strengthening the core requires dedication and practice. 

You can find Bella on Instagram as @bellathorne, and Twitter as @bellathorne, where is open about her career, her personal life, and her feelings about the paparazzi, feminism, and other issues that are important to her.

Bella Thorne

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Bella’s all over social media and the press, being featured in the Daily Mail for an upcoming role in Midnight Sun, for not caring about her weirdness or bad rep, and on FOX News for refusing to have any retouching done on a GQ Mexico spread. In the interview, she said she felt it was important for people to see that she’s a human being, and no one is perfect.


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