Looking for fitness inspiration? Well, we’re here to break down some of the best accounts online that will not only inspire you to get your body moving, but also make you think about what you’re eating, and other factors that help you achieve true wellness.

Bec Donlan

There’s no shortage of these types of accounts, so we’ll give you some basics about Bec and what she does, so you can see if she fits with what you’re looking for. If she does, you’ll also see where you can follow her online to take advantage of her knowledge.

Bec Donlan Workouts

According to her bio, she’s got a holistic outlook when it comes to fitness, meaning she doesn’t just talk exercise or food. She uses both, along with other factors to make a well-rounded approach to fitness. She also has a bit of an adventurous side, as her bio also notes that she wanted a challenge. Naturally, she decided to pick up and move to New York as a way to do that.


She’s got a ton of certifications as well, ranging from Nutrition to Strength coaching, to First Aid and CPR. Check sweatwithbecnyc.com to see her full list of credentials. They’re pretty impressive.

Sweat with Bec

Through her website, she gives a lot of workout tips and info, as well as breaking down some of her favorite healthy snacks that will help fuel your body through her workouts. She’s also got several items in her online store, one of which is now part of a big partnership.

Sweat with Bec

According to an announcement on her website, she’s offering her Sweat with Bec Booty Bands at all Hotel Americano locations. They’ll be part of each of the hotel’s minibars. The website section also shares several videos that show how to use them to achieve your fitness goals. Her website will also tell you where you can take part in one of her classes.

She’s also gotten the attention of lots of outlets. On missbish.com, she spoke about working on the full package, setting realistic goals, and some favorite NYC places. On coveteur.com, she speaks about a resistance band workout that will let you easily work out wherever you may be, while the NY Post shared her tips for shaping your butt. She also talked about the importance of gut health in keeping your stomach shapely with The Carousel.

Bec Donlan

  •  Career: Fitness Instructor
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Blog: Sweat with Bec

She has a YouTube account (Sweat With Bec) that features lots of workout videos, plus a couple of recipes that have generated almost 20,000 views.
You can find her on Instagram as @sweatwithbec, where over 54 thousand followers have followed her to get workout tips, updates, and more. She also shares inspirational quotes and lots of food pics. On Twitter, she uses the same handle and has over a thousand followers. You’ll also get to see some cool sites as she allows you a glimpse of great locals from around the world. On Facebook, you can find her as Sweat With Bec, as well. She’s got almost a thousand likes there.

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