As a certified personal trainer, Anna Victoria has served as an inspiration for many women. After suffering from her own bad health, Anna decided she wanted to help other women be healthier. From this passion, a successful career was born.

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Though she is originally from California, Anna moved to China to lead a new life. While she was there, she made a pact with herself to cut junk food out of her diet in an effort to improve her sleep as well as her overall health. Wanting to motivate herself as much as anyone else, Anna opened an Instagram account and used it to collect inspirational images and quotes. As a result, some of her followers turned to Anna with fitness and diet questions they had for her. Anna's popularity on the site grew and before she knew it she had thousands of followers.

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Having done extensive research on both healthy eating and strength training, Anna compiled her own guides instructing women how to get physically fit. As well as creating the guides, she also created her own app in the same vein. The Body Love App is designed to help women have a healthy body that they can learn to love.

However, Body Love is much more than just an app. It is essentially a fitness/wellness experience that women everywhere are encouraged to try. The app was designed to make women physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. It is the result of the huge demand for Anna's services among women all over the country.

Anna used her own guides as inspiration to create the app. It has now blossomed into what is called the Fit Body Guide Community, where women come together to support each other. There are few other online fitness communities that are larger or more popular than this one. Encouraging a interactive experience of workouts, Anna has created a support system for women of all ages who share the same struggles with their body and health.




Fit Body Community

In addition to the Fit Body Guide Community, Anna also offers her fans a popular blog. Topics include dealing with anxiety at the gym, reviews of the best workout shoes, and much more. In addition, Anna shares details of her personal life with her readers, such as her journey to search for her wedding dress. Each blog entry is designed to be motivational and inspirational.

Anna Victoria

Fans can always follow Anna on social media. Her Instagram account can be found @annavictoria, where she has 1,3 million followers. She can also be found on Twitter @annavictoriafit, where she has 9,267 followers. Her YouTube channel can be found @Anna Victoria, which has 31,000 subscribers. Her Facebook page can be found @Annavictoria, where she has 397,126 followers.

  • Age: 29 years old
  • Birthday: June 29
  • Recogntition: Top 100 most influential people in fitness and health

Few women have inspired other women as much as Anna Victoria has. In a short amount of time she became extremely popular and well respected. Anna is not afraid to share her own struggle with her health to inspire others to face their struggles.

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