Ania Boniecka turned her passion into her career

They say you should turn you passion into your job, and Ania Boniecka has figured out how to do just that. Armed with a good education, her love of fashion, and boundless creative energy, Ania started a blog that has become a huge deal to aspiring fashionistas and brands alike. is more than just a fashion blog, though. She takes it a step further by presenting the outfits in a different way. She also combines fashion with other lifestyle topics to make a well-rounded site that fans love.

Keep reading to learn more about this stylish influencer.

Ania Boniecka In Michi Spring 2017

Just the facts

Ania and her family moved to Canada from Poland when she was only a teenager. It didn’t take her long to catch the attention of photographers once she entered modeling as a way to have something fun to do. Her successful stint in the industry is partially what brought her to where she is now.

She started her blog on a whim while longing for a creative outlet, and she hasn’t looked back since. In 2010, just one year after she first opened a blog, she began building the online home followers know now. Today, she uses her knowledge of numbers and art degree to work with partner and husband Tyler Stalman. Like Ania, he’s a photographer who helps her tell stories through the images included on her site.

Ania Boniecka In Michi Spring 2017

About the brand covers fashion, fitness, finance, makeup, and more. She’s even got a book club! The site hosts giveaways as well, partnering with the likes of Canadian coffee shop Second Cup. All the articles are complimented by fun, creative photos that give fans a glimpse into her personality.

She and Tyler have, through the strength of their branding, been able to partner with some huge names. These include Samsung, which she recently called out in a colorful Instagram post, Pandora, and J.Crew. She’s also been featured in big name magazines and sites, and was even nominated by the CAFA (Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards) for Digital Influencer of the Year.

One of the brands she works with is Michi. Just last month, she posted an article about their Spring 2017 collection. She did a big photo spread on the site that talked about the brand and how it can help people live a more active, healthy lifestyle. She did that by wearing various pieces throughout LA as she explored the city, producing a video as well that captured the adventure.



 Height: 5'10"

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Bust: 34

Waist: 24

Hips: 34

Dress: 4

Shoe Size: 9

 Ania Boniecka In Michi Spring 2017

Social Coverage

In an interview with, she talked about how she takes social media seriously, and she strives to keep looking forward and adapt with the quickly-changing online landscape. This dedication to her brand is evident in the posts she shares with her over 100K Instagram (@aniab) followers. She offers giveaways with partner brands, and tells stories to go along with the fun, colorful photos that show off her creativity.

Fans can find her on FB at @aniabnet, where she has over 3,800 fans. On Twitter, her @ania_boniecka handle has attracted more than 3K followers. You can find her videos, which have been viewed more than 16,000 times.

Ania Boniecka In Michi Spring 2017