Amanda Lee is a 30-year-old fitness model, Pilates instructor and personal trainer. Growing up, Amanda had body image issues due to feeling like she was too skinny during her formative high school years. This led her into a fitness career.

Amanda Lee Fitness

A jack of many trades, in addition to her work as a model, Amanda became a brand ambassador for EHPlabs, a health and fitness company that sells dietary supplements. Amanda spends a significant amount of time at her local gym so that she can remain in peak physical condition.

In an effort to help women around the world get fit, Amanda offers an e-book on her website that teaches readers what they need to do to get a body like hers. She includes in the book illustrated explanations of every exercise move that she does and recommends her fans do too. Her latest project is a 2017 calendar in which she is featured every month. Fans can purchase her e-book and her 2017 calendar on her official website,

Amanda Lee's Info

Age: 30 years old

Height: 5 feet 4 inches

Nationality: Canadian

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Dark Brown 

Measurements: 34D-22-38

Snapchat: amandaleefit


While Amanda maintains her website she also has a presence on social media. She can be found on Instagram @amandaeliselee, where she has 8.5 million followers. She can be found on Facebook @Amanda Elise Lee, where she has 10,959 followers. Fans can watch videos of her working out on her Facebook page. Amanda shows her fans how to perform workout routines that will keep them healthy.


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Inspiration through Fitness 

Amanda Lee

Even at such a young age Amanda has been able to inspire women of all shapes and sizes. Her dedication and commitment to encouraging fitness among women is one that can’t be denied.

Through her work as a personal trainer and coach Amanda has helped many people become healthier. Her advice on workout routines is invaluable and her contribution to the industry has been nothing short of stunning. Through her work as a personal trainer she strives to prevent other young women from feeling as insecure about their bodies as she did when she was in high school.

While working out is something many women don’t look forward to doing, Amanda gives them the motivation they need to take themselves to the gym. She has turned exercise into a fun activity instead of a dreaded chore for many women.

Everything that Amanda does, she does with passion and purpose. Though her healthy lifestyle benefits her, she also goes out of her way to make sure other women get the same benefits from exercise as she does.

Amanda Lee's Fitness Program

Amanda offers a great routine to build a booty just like her. You can try this routine in combination with our detox tea for better results.