Not your typical fitness expert, Amanda Bisk stumbled into her current career choice after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue. Prior to that, she was an accomplished Olympic athlete. In the process of training she began to feel tired, sluggish and unlike her real self. After her diagnosis, she made the decision to give up her successful run as a pole vault Olympian and focus on other goals.

Amanda Bisk

In response to being put on anti-depressants as a result of her chronic fatigue, Amanda began to make the transition to a healthier lifestyle. This helped her find natural ways to relieve her depression, making it possible to discontinue her medication.

Having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Science, Amanda already knew something about nutrition and health, but pushed herself to learn more. She then developed a new passion and appreciation for health and fitness.

Amanda Bisk Yoga

In addition to running a successful blog, Amanda now has her own fitness programs. It includes a series of Yoga sessions as well as workout regimes and tricks and tips for getting and staying fit. She also runs fitness retreats in which participants spend one week together engaging in Yoga, surfing and other fitness activities. The retreat includes trainers who work with participants to keep them as physically active as possible.

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Not content to simply settle for what she already has, Amanda went on to enter into collaboration with Kini Swimwear to launch her own line. The swimwear line was launched in 2014 and is designed for physically active women. Each swimsuit is customizable and allows consumers to choose the cup size and style of bikini they want. This is the first line of swimwear Amanda has released in her home country of Australia.

Amanda Bisk Workout

Amanda has developed a huge social media following thanks to her efforts to raise more awareness of how to live a healthy lifestyle. Her hugely popular Instagram account can be found @amandabisk, where she has 679,000 followers. She can also be found on Twitter @amanda_bisk, where she has thousands of followers. Her Facebook page can be found @amandabiskfitness, where she has 39,502 followers. She also has thousands of subscribers to her YouTube channel, which can be found @amanda bisk. Fans can watch Amanda’s workouts on her YouTube channel.

For Amanda, 2011 began with meeting the man that would become her romantic partner. Amanda met Adam when she was first training for the Olympics, despite unknowingly suffering from chronic fatigue. She has given Adam credit for standing by her when she was at her lowest point in life and inspiring her to heal herself from the chronic fatigue she had just been diagnosed with.

  • Age: 31 years old
  • Born: Pertha, Australia
  • Birthday: March 3rd
  • Career: Athlete 

Amanda Bisk YogaIn so many ways, Amanda has truly become an inspiration to people all over the world. Her approach to health and fitness is one that has helped her fans and followers discover their own passions for living healthy, something that she can always be proud of.

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