Alex Silver Fagan works as a personal trainer and runs her own self-named website. Her success story is one that every woman can draw inspiration from. Through her website, she helps people better their own lives in every way that she can. 

Alex Silver Fagan

Alex Silver Fagan Bio

Not one to waste any time, Alex began pursuing her career when she graduated from NYU. Her passion for fitness was something she didn’t discover or embrace until she was exposed to New York City, having grown up in New Jersey. Despite receiving a degree in Business Marketing, she immediately chose a different career path.


Body Building

For the first year after Alex had finished her college degree, her sole focus was on competing as a bikini athlete. She followed this up with a run in the NPC Atlantic States Bikini Competition, where she came in seventh place. Afterwards, she moved on to the NPC Northeast Summer Classic, where she placed second in the competition.

In an effort to further her level of success, she entered the Spokesmodel Search for Body Building. Despite competing against thousands of other women, she was chosen to represent the site as a top athlete.

Her success with Body Building is what inspired her to become a certified personal trainer. She now spends her days getting her clients in shape and fits in her own workouts six days a week. Alex has shared with her fans the workout regime that she uses in her own life.

Alex Silver Fagan

As a committed athlete and fitness expert, Alex is vigilant about eating a nutritious diet and focuses on a food regime that allows her to quickly burn fat. To enable this, she avoids having three large meals per day and instead has six small ones throughout the day.

Part of Alex’s quest to help others includes providing them with valuable information through her website. Male and female physiques are the main topic she covers on the site. She shares stories of the men and women she has trained and explains to her readers how to achieve the body they want and need. There is even a forum where men and women can come together to discuss fitness.

Alex Silver Fagan

Anyone that wants to get in shape can and should find Alex on social media. Her Instagram can be found @alexsilverfagan, where she has 91.5 thousand followers. Her Twitter account can also be found @alexsilverfagan, where she has 2,701 followers. She even has a self-named YouTube channel which has 3.7 thousand subscribers.

  • Age: 25 years old
  • Location: New York
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Career: Personal Trainer

Though a fitness career seems to have snuck up on Alex, she has wholeheartedly embraced it. Alex has a passion for helping people exercise in ways that they get the maximum benefit. Her work is to be admired, as she is devoting her life to helping and inspiring others. Any woman who wants to improve their physical fitness is urged to buy and read her workout book, which will help them to reach their fitness goal.

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